Live in the Light Within You
Live in the Light Within You
  • Posted: June 29, 2015
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Key Lesson

Do whatever life gives you to do with all of your heart, soul, and mind and -- in exchange -- Life will give you its greatest gift: a peace that passes all understanding born of the power that comes only when your heart, soul, and mind are, and act, as one.


The real power behind faith is found in the Light within us that shows us what's true, and what's not, about who and what we are in reality. This insight helps explain the old adage that "the truth sets us free," because it means that in moments of trial our enlightened self-understanding actually "goes before us" to make the right choice for us! Rather than search outside ourselves for a solution to our suffering -- as when we look for someone to tell our troubles to -- or run after the promise of some new "power" to escape the shadow of a fear -- we deliberately drop these old reactions in favor of quietly remembering what we know is true: there's nothing that we need to do to get past any dark shadow that shows up in our life except to be the Light that already lives within us. If we do our part, the rest is done for us.

We cannot control the way the world turns, we cannot change day into night, we cannot keep what is not ours; and we cannot hide these facts from ourselves no matter how hard we try. But what we are given to do, and that turns out to be the one power of ours truly capable of transforming the whole of life, is that we can choose -- moment to moment -- to be the Light of our Self. We are created as co-creators of all that we can be conscious of within ourselves. It is our right to be in relationship with only those powers whose presence serves our chosen purpose in life... which is to be one with the Light.

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