New Knowledge to Help You Outgrow Negative States
New Knowledge to Help You Outgrow Negative States
  • Posted: October 13, 2008
  • Duration: 12min 13sec
Talk Notes

Everything is either growing or dying. Either the waters of the soul are refreshed through revelation, or the soul and its possibilities shrivel. This can be seen in everything, even in the physical world, if we are willing to look.

When it comes to the spirit, growth and discovery are the same thing. And the only thing that we ever discover about ourselves is ourselves. You cannot discover something that is not you. When a person becomes negative, the possibility of discovery practically disappears. And when the possibility of discovery disappears, goes with it the imperative to grow.

The disturbance in a negative state is due to an individual resisting the presence of a negative energy. What are we usually aware of when we are negative? Usually we are aware only of what the negativity itself is giving us to see. Everything that our minds give us to do in order to resolve a negative state is nothing but an extension, and is in league with, the negative state.

What you really need when you are depressed, angry, anxious, frightened--whatever form the negative state may take--is to become aware of the negativity itself--and that is all you need to do. When you finally get tired enough of trying to rescue yourself, you will discover that the self you have been trying to save is nothing but a product of the very thing that has made you a prisoner.

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