New, True Answers that Stand Up to the Test of Time
New, True Answers that Stand Up to the Test of Time
  • Posted: February 5, 2021
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Key Lesson

The more we will deliberately work to take time out of our day to remember -- and embrace -- what we know is Timeless and True, the more aware we will become of an Indwelling Light whose perfect grace reveals the means and the way to be made new... and new again.


Why can't we shake our sense of being incomplete in spite of all we've acquired? After all, what hope is there of finding in the world situated around us something that can answer our longing to be whole, to be one with life, when this need itself comes into us from a world above us? Small wonder we search in vain! It is a divine discontent that drives us in our search for someone or something that might grant our restless heart the peace it seeks.

None are immune to the disconcerting touch of this celestial longing. its invisible presence permeates our being and -- under certain circumstances -- provides a glimpse of what awaits us, just above our present nature. In such moments we come to understand -- by yet another magnitude of brilliance -- that what we had once taken to be the sun was nothing more than the light of a waxing moon. But don't be misled; there is nothing disheartening in moments such as these. In fact, the experience is quite the opposite. Nothing proves the existence of a timeless love more than coming face to face with the clockwork-like machinations of one's own heart.

In the passages that follow, you will share in the accounts and discoveries of individuals who, just like you, set out to find new, true answers that could stand up to the test of passing time with its ever-changing conditions. Welcome these inward and uplifting thoughts as if they were your own, for in one sense... they are. Take them into your heart; search out their hidden meaning. Answer their clarion call. If you will, you can't help but rise into the world from which they have come.

The Masters Speak...

All insight, all revelation, all illumination, all love, all that is genuine, all that is real, lies in now -- and in the attempt to create now we approach the inner precincts, the holiest part of life. For in time all things are seeking completion, but in now all things are complete. Maurice Nicoll (1884-1953, Scotland)

To do rightly by the cosmos depends on timing: right doing, right being at the right time and place. This right guidance, found in every heart, finds its source in the universal Heart. This rightness is ultimate good, ultimate happiness and joy. The joy comes naturally to and through a life lived in moment-by-moment contact with the truth behind all nature, for its own sake and not for anything else. Zoroastrian Prayer (1700-1500 BCE, Persia)

But where can man find the truth? If he seeks deep enough in himself he will find it revealed, each man may know his own heart. He may send a ray of his intelligence into the depths of his soul and search its bottom; he may find it to be as infinitely deep as the sky above his head. He may find corals and pearls, or watch the monsters of the deep. If his thought is steady and unwavering, he may enter the innermost sanctuary of his own temple and see the goddess unveiled. Not everyone can penetrate into such depths, because the thought is easily led astray; but the strong and persistent searcher will penetrate veil after veil, until at the innermost centre he discovers the germ of truth, which, awakened to consciousness, will grow into a sun that illuminates the whole of the interior world, wherein everything is contained. Franz Hartman (1838-1912, Germany)

Thou dost keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee. Isaiah, Old Testament (700 BCE)

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