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Ask questions and share your discoveries in these 1-hour online discussions, all under the careful guidance of a longtime Life of Learning student. We meet online once each week to discuss a talk in depth and help each other keep the flame alive! You need a premium membership or above to participate...

For Premium and All-Access Members

About Our Online Study Groups (OSG)

One of the most unique and powerful features of our Wisdom School is the opportunity to interact with other members in an open discussion of the insights, tools, and techniques we are gaining to change our lives.

Each week a recent talk by Guy is posted for all to listen to or watch, and then experiment with for several days. Then everyone gets together online for an open, free-wheeling discussion (moderated by longtime students of Life of Learning) where we share discoveries made, lessons learned, triumphs, and failures. The honesty is refreshing and we all come away encouraged and with greater understanding of ourselves, others, and how to fulfill our true purpose in life.

Each meeting features a new weekly topic based on Guy's ongoing classroom talks. You're encouraged to watch Guy's Wednesday talk, work with the exercises he gives, and then join the member-only study group meeting the following Monday.

It’s easy to register for each meeting, and if you register early, you'll receive an email reminder before the meeting starts. Click here to login to your member account and then go to the Wisdom School Homepage to learn more.

We also have a free Student Study Group that is open to the public every Friday at 7:00pm PT. Click here to learn more.

Technical Support

If you have technical questions about the study groups (such as System Requirements or how to participate from a mobile device) please visit the Support page on GoToWebinar's website at:


We can also help troubleshoot any problems if needed, just click here to Contact Us.

Study Group Schedule

Every week we meet on Monday at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Here is a website to convert to your own time zone: www.worldtimebuddy.com

You are invited to come to any or all of these meetings. Just listen if you want, or raise your hand to speak. It’s a marvelous experience either way. Please note that you need a premium membership or above to participate in the Monday study groups.

Register for Our Next Study Group Meeting

Join us for our weekly Online Study Group. You need a premium membership or above to participate. You can register for our next meeting any time by visiting the Wisdom School member home page. You'll find the registration link posted alongside the featured video under This Week's Topic:

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Listen to or Watch This Week’s Topic

It isn’t required that you listen in advance to the talk we're discussing, but it’s highly recommended so that you'll get the most out of the study group meeting.

You can find the featured talk for this week on the Wisdom School member home page, under the blue section labeled This Week's Topic.

Also on the member home page you'll find the registration link for joining the study group. Study the talk if you can, then bring your questions and comments to the live meeting.

To watch this week's talk or to get registered for the next study group, just visit the member home page (please note that you need a premium membership or above to watch the weekly topic):

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Study Group Replays

All our Study Group discussions are recorded, and each one is filled with new insights and lively exchanges.

To hear summaries of talks by moderators, comments and discussion, student discoveries, and occasionally an invaluable contribution to the conversation by Guy Finley himself, browse through the replays (please note that you need a premium membership or above to watch study group replays):

Study Group Replays