Seek the Source of True Self-Mastery
  • Posted: February 16, 2010
  • Duration: 5min 16sec
Talk Notes

The mind has a natural longing to explore itself and to understand its own possibilities. But this same mind will look at people that it sees at being better than itself, and it will say that there is no point to exploring any further since it will not be possible to match what others have achieved. The mind that decides that there is no point has succeeded only in hurting itself.

As our minds begin to awaken, we will start to understand that mastery is infinite because the Master Himself is infinite. No two people on this planet can master something in the same way because no two people have the same relationship with the Master. Nobody in the universe is perfected by the Master, by this loving intelligence, in the same way. Perfection is a perfectly individual affair.

We do ourselves unseen damage when we weigh ourselves against the qualities and characteristics of other people. Our task on this earth is to fulfill the purpose for our being, which is only capable of flowering through the practice of the presence of the Master. The highest degrees of mastery attained by men and women, in any discipline, are all reflections of this Great Life that already holds all possibilities for those individuals. Therefore, no one individual is a master of his or her own making. Anyone who attains greatness is an individual expression of mastery itself.

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