Silence is Golden
Silence is Golden
  • Posted: December 26, 2007
  • Duration: 6min 23sec
Talk Notes

Have you ever wondered why it's said, "Silence is Golden?" Hidden in these words is a secret instruction by which a person can find a peace that passes all understanding.

Silence is golden because, for the individual who is willing to remain in that silence with his or her own suffering, that person finds spiritual gold. The suffering in silence is the purification of the soul and the suffering.

Letting the world push us around is not what is meant by "suffering in silence." It's actually a secret form of self-glory.

In moments where life moves against our wishes, the only responsibility we have is to bring that pain, that upheaval, right up to the surface of ourselves and see it with great purity. And instead of letting that disappointment become willful, we become watchful. In that moment of watchfulness we are granted power. Not the power to be something, but rather the power to stop being used by something that's been using us our whole life.

Learn to suffer in silence. Nothing in this world or your interior world can change until you change your relationship with this pain.

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