The Secret of Success Without Stress
The Secret of Success Without Stress
  • Posted: February 4, 2008
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Key Lesson

We can either spend our time thinking about what we don't have, feeling empty and bitter over some imagined contentment lost... or we can become quietly aware of what we already are and find there, within our Self, what is overflowing, full of Light, and beyond the reach of any dark thought.


It is possible for us to learn to attract success, instead of trying to chase it down through years of toil, disappointment, and heartache. So how do we do it? How do we learn to attract the success we want instead of letting the desire for the objects of success push us around from problem to problem?

The answer is simple: We begin to doubt what compromises us.

This means that we will no longer automatically obey those conditioned, negative inner voices that continuously comment on us and the world around us. Instead, we begin to doubt stress when it tells us we have to rush through our day. We begin to doubt fearful thoughts when they tell us we need to worry. We begin to doubt feelings of greed and inadequacy that bully us around by telling us that who we are isn't enough.

The reason that beginning to doubt our negative states is such a great key along the path to gaining our heart's true wish, is that this action separates our true self -- who we really are -- from whatever dark thought or feeling happens to be passing through us in the moment. We realize that we don't have to listen to dark thoughts and feelings; instead we understand that there is a choice, whenever we remember it, to not sacrifice happiness now for a future happy time that may never come!

One specific technique you can use to begin doubting these dark states is to ask yourself this question whenever you find yourself trying to overcome any person or situation that stands in the way of winning some imagined future success: "What would happen right now if I were to want what life wants, instead of wanting what I want?" This may sound like a strange idea at first because we are so used to trying to get hold of what we want. But, when we begin to experiment with the power contained in this question, we realize that this simple action has the power to raise the level of our entire life!

Everyone wonders whether or not there is one great secret for truly successful living. There is. And it is not a secret. It has been quietly, steadily telling itself right in front of us all along. We just couldn't hear it over the clatter and chatter of our own secret demands. Listen quietly for a moment: everything can change right now. Learning to hear this supreme secret is no more difficult than choosing whether to swim against a current or to let it carry you safely to the shore. Let it speak its wisdom to that secret part of you that can not only hear what it is saying but that is, in reality, its very voice. Listen to it now. It is saying, "Want what life wants." Think about it. Locked within these four simple words is the secret of an uncompromising power for effortless living -- a new kind of power that never fails to place you on the winning side of any situation. Why? Because when you want what life wants, your wish is for life itself.

Your progress toward becoming free of stress will be even more sure if you always remember the following: If any want is the source of anxiety or sorrow, that want is yours and not life's. Never accept the presence of any mental or emotional suffering as necessary, no matter how much importance these impostors lend to a particularly pressing want. By refusing their dark presence, you make space for the present moment to give you its indefinable presence. This is where the life that you want -- and that wants you -- is waiting.

Let life bring you itself. Welcome it. Discover how, at each instant, it is new, full, untouched and undiminished by any moment before it. To enter into this deeper relationship with life is to give yourself the greatest of gifts. Want what life wants, and discover the true heart of real and lasting success.

Excerpted From: The Secret of Letting Go, page 137.

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