Welcome the Quiet Light of Truth [continued]
Welcome the Quiet Light of Truth [continued]
  • Posted: August 11, 2003
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Key Lesson

Part I:

Just as a swarm of flies that darkens the sky is swept aside by a single breeze, so too can the pervasive negative states that darken one's heart and mind be brushed away -- if we will only dare to come awake to ourselves and ask that tormenting spirit a single question: Upon what is your authority based?

Part II:

There is no such thing as "later" when it comes to our spiritual life. What we do in the Now is the sole seed of our life experience, a fact that has many implications beginning with this simple truth: We cannot harbor negative states and expect our relation "ships" not to sink!


The following eight points are essential spiritual truths.

Individually they represent vital lessons that must be learned along the Path to Real Life. Collectively these same truths hint at the promise of a spiritual power for which there is no substitute: The certainty, compassion, and quietude of a mind filled by the Light of Truth.

For the best results read each of these separate truths with the intention of discovering as many facts as you can about its insight. Think of each idea as a kind of spiritual jewel whose true beauty can only be appreciated by seeing it from all angles. Then, as you move on to the next truth, allow your mind to marry its revelations with the one just before it. Do this one step at a time and you will begin to see what is invisible to most eyes: The Way out of all that has ever wrecked your life . . . And the secret Way into the Now, the eternal home of true peace and unconditional freedom.

  • Only a quiet mind can perceive reality as it is.

  • To not see things as they are is to live in, and wander through, what is an imagined world.

  • Any reaction to an imagined condition must create confusion.

  • All forms of confusion breed anxiety and fear.

  • Fear is the father of dependency, with its twin brother's -- anger and hatred.

  • Natural resistance to these dark and negative states makes their pounding pain not only feel real, but also necessary . . . As one's desire to escape this torment makes the imagined cause of his or her suffering seem real.

  • In this fashion does a world of dark chaos, born of chaotic darkness, take its form in the hapless soul.

  • The only authority that exists with the power to undo the relentless reality of such an unconscious world is a mind made quiet by the Light of Truth.

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