31 Keys to Change Your Destiny

Our best guarantee for a brighter, freer tomorrow is found inside the interior work we do to change our understanding about ourselves and the world we live in. In these 31 brief talks, you will get the knowledge and practices you need to change your life. Work with one talk a day, and be a new you in a month! Or go at your own pace. Special bonus: includes 40-page PDF transcript of the talks.

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31 Keys to Change Your Destiny
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Are You Ready to Change Your Destiny?

Be a New Person in 31 Days!

Can you really change your destiny in 31 days?

Yes, it is possible, because destiny . . . fate . . . karma . . . are not written in stone!

If you’re not happy with the direction your life is taking, you can change it. In fact, you’re meant to. The process begins with getting the facts, learning the right practices to follow – and then putting them to work in your daily life.

Now Is Always the Time to Change

If you’ve tried everything you know to have a better life, and nothing has brought you the permanent sense of wellbeing, the personal success, and the authentic newness you long for, the reason may be as simple as this:

You tried changing people, places, and jobs. You worked out, said mantras, got a different haircut. You ate better, got more sleep, and lost weight.

And these things may have made you feel better about yourself . . . for a while. But it never lasted. The changes were never permanent. They couldn’t be. They were all external changes.

But that’s not what you need.

What you need is something much bigger, much more revolutionary.

What you need is a change of Being.

It is a Law of Life

Before we can be happier, wiser, more in quiet self-command, we must actually be different. There must be a change at our very core, in our Being.

But how can we be different?

It’s not at all the same as making a series of New Year’s resolutions. No, we’re not talking about “resolutions.” We’re talking about realizations.

Big realizations that change every day, every experience, starting the moment you have them.

So, how do we invite these life-changing realizations?

By exercising our “change muscle.”

Right now we can sense the possibility of seeing and doing things in a different way, but we’re stuck in habits that keep us locked in the old ways.

It’s like the way you feel when you haven’t exercised in ten years and now your muscles are all tight and unable to function properly. As you know if you’ve done it, freeing up a tight muscle requires dedicated effort to stretch and exercise it.

In the same way, we need a special “exercise” regimen to loosen up and strengthen our natural ability to undergo the change of Being that is our changed future.

Fortunately, Guy Finley has created a step-by-step “exercise regimen” you can use to change your Being – and your destiny. And you can get started on it right away! 31 Keys to Change Your Destiny is an entire eCourse of simple, practical, yet deeply spiritual “exercises” you can take right into your daily life to get your “change muscles” working again.

The program includes 31 brief talks, each an easily digestible chunk featuring a simple exercise you can use to be transformed into a strong, compassionate, aware person whose destiny becomes brighter day by day. As a bonus, you also get a 40-page PDF transcript of the talks

31 Keys for 31 Days – But Feel Free to Go at Your Own Pace

We’re all different, and we like to go at different speeds.

If you want to make quick progress, go through one Key a day for a month and watch as you get inwardly stronger each day. Then you can go back later to work on the ones you find most helpful.

But if you want to spend more time getting even more value out of each lesson the first time around, use a Key for several days, or a week, or a month! Whatever suits you best.

Your eCourse is set up to help you individualize how you go through the material by walking you through each track. And it will keep your place for you so whenever you open the program you will be brought to the exact spot you need to be to continue to the next lesson.

No matter how you do it, you will see real results as your awareness grows and your true Being awakens and takes its rightful place in your life.

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Key 1: Introduction

Key 2: The Pause That Refreshes

Key 3: Be Responsible for Your Reality

Key 4: Refuse to Be Self-Compromising

Key 5: See That Everyone Suffers

Key 6: Take the Step Beyond Yourself

Key 7: There is No Gain in Blame

Key 8: Have a Light Spirit

Key 9: Step Down as Judge

Key 10: Face Your Fearful Feelings

Key 11: Help Others Help Themselves

Key 12: Release All Resentments

Key 13: Do What is True

Key 14: Let the Empty Space Fill Itself

Key 15: Stop Explaining Yourself

Key 16: Laugh in the Face of Defeat

Key 17: Follow What You Love

Key 18: Start Your Life Over Right Now

Key 19: Keep Your Chin Up

Key 20: Let It Go

Key 21: Stop Looking Outside of Yourself

Key 22: Have Your Own Life

Key 23: Put Your Life in Perfect Order

Key 24: Jump Into the Battle

Key 25: Follow Your Heart, Not Your Head

Key 26: Look Up!

Key 27: Get One Thing Done

Key 28: Go Quiet

Key 29: Separate Facts from Fears

Key 30: Catch Yourself in the Act

Key 31: The Time is Always Now

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