5 Prayers for Self-Transformation eCourse

5 Prayers for Self-Transformation eCourse

Discover a new type of prayer that isn’t about asking for things we want or need. Rather, it’s about being active moment-to-moment so we can use everything to align ourselves with the Divine. Learn how to use this new kind of active prayer to transform yourself, as it changes everything about the way you see the world around you. Special bonus: 16-page PDF transcript.

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Discover a New Form of Prayer That Never Fails You!
Learn Practices You Can Use to Fulfill 
The Deepest Wishes of Your Heart
We’ve all heard a great deal about prayer. 
And I’m sure we’ve all made a great many prayers (even if it’s just praying to get through the traffic light before it turns red).
But how many of our prayers have been answered? Percentage-wise, probably not that many.
And how many times have our prayers been answered – and then we wished they hadn’t been? Probably more often than we’d like to admit.
If our prayers haven’t worked out as we hoped, maybe it’s time to rethink everything we thought we knew about the purpose of prayer and what a true prayer looks like. 
Fortunately, if we’re willing to do that, we can learn how to make prayers that are always answered – and always in a way that fulfills us and makes our life better. Guy Finley has provided a way to show us how. 
5 Prayers for Self-Transformation: A Powerful eCourse That Teaches You a Whole New Way to Pray
Guy Finley has a gift for taking something we thought we understood, and putting it into a whole new perspective.
When it comes to prayer, Guy has always offered a different view from the common one. He has explained many times that true, effective prayer isn’t about asking the Divine for what we think we want and need. And it isn’t a passive process. 
On the contrary, true prayer is a very active process that puts us in a completely different relationship with the Divine so that we can then be given what we really need to be happy and fulfilled.

Anyone who has been a sincere seeker can instantly recognize the truth of this new approach to prayer. But how do we put it into practice for ourselves? HOW do we pray so that the Divine can become a constant, guiding force in our lives?
Guy provides the help we need in his eCourse, 5 Prayers for Self-Transformation, which offers specific practices you can start using right away to open your heart and soul to Divine communication.
Prayers-in-Action That Revitalize Your Life
In our daily lives we constantly come up against moments where we wish we could better know what to do . . . the right thing to say – or not say . . . how to deal with that sudden surge of anger, or feelings of insecurity, or embarrassment. 

How do we defuse a difficult situation? How do we deal with someone else’s negativity? How do we help the other person without being overbearing or making decisions for them they should be making for themselves?
It is in times like these that we can come back to ourselves and make a prayer-in-action that turns the uncomfortable moment into a transformational one.
These prayers-in-action cannot fail. They immediately change how we interact with the moment so that we see more clearly, and can learn from what we see. 
And you will learn 5 of these prayers-in-action in this powerful eCourse. You will learn prayers that invite higher help when: 
  • Someone (or even your own mind) accuses you of something and you don’t know how to respond
  • You find yourself rushing around, hounded by voices that threaten you will fail if you don’t mindlessly hurry forward
  • You face having to do things you don’t want to do, and you’re filled with resistance that keeps you stuck where you are
  • You’re in an empty, uncomfortable moment and you want to rush in to fill the space with an action or a comment that you usually end up regretting
  • You’re in a heated discussion with someone where you’re both trying to top one another, and it seems like there’s no way out for either of you
These 5 Prayers Are Just the Beginning 

5 Prayers for Self-Transformation is more than a series of 5 prayers. The program teaches you how to pray, so you will always know how to change any moment where you find yourself uncomfortable, unhappy, anxious, or confused about what to do.

The fact is, the knowledge of how to pray is already deep within us, but we have lost contact with it. Work with these practices to develop the part of yourself that already knows the right way to communicate with the Divine, you will never again feel lost or alone.
Then, as Guy promises in 5 Prayers for Self-Transformation:
“Something new will open up in you, and you’ll begin to walk through this world realizing the purpose of your existence isn’t to prove yourself over and over again, but to discover that already living in you is everything that you ever wanted, hoped, or actually imagined was possible.”
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction                                                                          3         

Prayer One: Go Silent Before Your Enemies                      5

Prayer Two: Stop Rushing to Get Nowhere Fast                7

Prayer Three: Do What You Don’t Want to Do                    9

Prayer Four: Leave Uncomfortable Moments Alone        11

Prayer Five: Give Up the Last Word                                   13

Summary: Inward Is Where Upward Begins                      15

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