7 Simple Practices for Realizing Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities

For those wishing a deeper relationship with the Divine, here are specific practices to take out into your daily life to achieve each moment’s new possibilities. Learn how to acquire true self-knowledge, and then put it into practice, which are the two conditions needed to change the way we see the world, and thus change the world we see. Special bonus: 51-page PDF transcript of the talks.

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FREE Gift: Special Bonus: 51-page PDF transcript of the talks.

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7 Simple Practices for Realizing Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities
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7 Simple Practices to Realizing

Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities 


“Before you and I can change the world we see, we must change the way we see the world. And that requires two specific conditions. First, that we acquire real and true self-knowledge, and then that we learn to act on it. And that’s really the purpose of this course. So, let’s get started.” — Guy Finley

From time immemorial spiritual seekers have sought practices they could use to help them deepen their relationship with the Divine.

Of course, the world has seen many changes over the millennia, and practices have changed to better suit the people of the time.

In today’s world, Guy Finley’s practical approach to spirituality has provided the type of self-discovery exercises that fit the needs of today’s seekers. He’s been offering these exercises for decades. And now, in his new eCourse, 7 Simple Practices to Realizing Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities, he offers a program of methods that, followed with focused attention, can literally change your relationship with yourself, the world, everyone you know, and – most importantly – the Divine. 

What makes these practices so effective is that they can be taken right out into your daily life to help you see each moment in a new way. At work. With friends. Sitting alone in a café or standing in a long line at the grocery store. Even reading the newspaper over your morning coffee in your own kitchen. 

Every day offers us dozens, probably hundreds of opportunities to use one of Guy’s methods to see life, and ourselves, from a different perspective. A perspective that opens doorways into understanding the functioning of our own mind and heart, and helps us touch the great Intelligence with which we long to connect.

It’s Always “Here and Now” – Which Is Right Where You Want to Be!

The beauty of Guy Finley’s work is that it doesn’t involve living in a cave, or moving to a mountaintop, or entering a cloister. We all have the inborn right – and endless opportunity – to know the Divine, wherever we are. 

It takes work, but that inner work can be done anywhere, anytime we remember to do it. 

The only condition is this: that work can only be done in the here and now. Which is perfect, because it’s always here and now. We just have to be in it ourselves.

There’s nothing like starting our day with an intention to do some kind of spiritual exercise. Something to look for in any moment that reveals the mechanical nature in us that usually meets the day. The exercise helps us to see with new eyes, and it keeps bringing us back to that all important here and now – the present moment – the place where everything of any importance takes place. 

The exercises in 7 Simple Practices to Realizing Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities do just that. 

And no one will ever even notice you’re doing them. They may notice you’re more alert, or quicker to recover from upsets than you usually are. But other than that, only you will know you are secretly using the commonplace moments in your everyday life to touch a higher level of your own being. 

Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Discover

7 Simple Practices to Realizing Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities is made up of eight short talks by Guy. The first one is an introduction, and the next seven sessions each focus on a different spiritual exercise – that’s actually fun to do and will lead to many “aha” moments throughout your day. 

Here’s an idea of what you will learn:

Session One: Introduction

  • Where to find the power you need to fulfill your highest possibility
  • Where to begin the inner journey
  • How to see differently, and how that changes everything 

Session Two: Practice 1 – Welcome Every Revelation 

  • How to use these practices to find freedom
  • Why you need never fear anything you learn about yourself
  • A practice to help you welcome any revelation life brings

Session Three: Practice 2 – Learn to Let Go and Welcome Every Life Lesson 

  • How to reclaim your Divine right to be master of your own ship
  • Unmask the part of yourself that turns away any revelation and the new possibilities it offers you
  • The one act to take toward any revelation that makes it a transforming power in your life

Session Four: Practice 3 – Step Down as Judge and Take the Witness Stand

  • How to use your encounters with others to transcend the “you” that entered the moment 
  • Learn how to see who really gets hurt when you judge others
  • How to stop hurting others – and most importantly – stop hurting yourself!

Session Five: Practice 4 – Take the Step You’re Sure You Can’t

  • The true way to overcome all limitations
  • The right attitude to have toward life’s challenging moments 
  • The reason why “Everything’s fine” – always

Session Six: Practice 5 – Remember: There’s No Place Like Home! 

  • How to come into relationship with your highest spiritual possibilities, which are always being revealed
  • How to embark upon your own hero’s journey
  • The true definition of the Home you’ve been seeking

Session Seven: Practice 6 – Take Time to Nourish Your True Self

  • How to become a “message catcher”
  • Learn to see, honor, and benefit from the lesson each moment brings
  • The right way to start and end your day

Session Eight: Practice 7 – Invite the Light of Love to Lead You to Spiritual Freedom

  • How your wish to explore your own possibilities ensures you will never fail at anything
  • Why facing our limitations is the sure way to transcend them
  • The beauty in harnessing the power of persistence  

Here Are the Keys to Using Every Moment of Your Life for Its Highest Purpose 

No moment need ever be an empty one. There is always something you can do to turn it into a transformational one.

7 Simple Practices to Realizing Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities gives you easy ways to come through any moment with new understanding, having a clearer vision of life, and feeling closer to the Divine.

Spend even just a few minutes each day with these practices, and your life will begin to change. For every bit of effort you make to reach the Divine – it will reach out to meet you. 

Don’t waste another moment. Incorporate 7 Simple Practices to Realizing Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities into your life, and watch as everything within and without you becomes brighter and more fulfilling.

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Table of Contents

Introduction .......................................................................................      3

Practice 1 – Welcome Every Revelation ............................ ..............      7

Practice 2 – Learn to Let Go and Welcome Every Life Lesson ........    12

Practice 3 – Step Down as Judge and Take the Witness Stand........   17

Practice 4 – Take the Step You’re Sure You Can’t ............................     23

Practice 5 – Remember: There’s No Place
Like Home!
...........................................................................................     29

Practice 6–Take Time to Nourish Your True Self................................    36

Practice 7 – Invite the Light of Love to Lead You to Spiritual Freedom  44

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