Breaking Dependency: Learning to Let Go and Be Free From the Inside Out

Breaking Dependency: Learning to Let Go and Be Free From the Inside Out

Learn what it takes to drop self-wrecking habits and addictions as you get to the root of substance abuse, codependence, overeating, depression, and anxiety.

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Awaken the will to be free!

You'll help yourself and those you love when you finally uncover the crucial new understanding that leads to real recovery and real freedom.

In this power-packed eBook you'll discover:

  • The real root of all forms of dark codependency and addiction.

  • 7 surprising examples showing where we fall into unconscious codependent relationships without ever knowing it.

  • 10 Stepping Stones to Self-Freedom

Learn what it takes to drop self-wrecking habits and addictions as you realize the root causes of substance abuse, codependence, overeating, depression, and anxiety. With foreword by Amy Arnaz (Mrs. Desi Arnaz, Jr.).

Table of Contents

Foreword by Mrs. Desi Arnaz Jr.

Introduction by Dr. Ellen Dickstein

Three New Friends to Help You Break Free From Whatever Binds You

Part 1: How Truth Triumphs Over All Temptation

  • The Secret Source of Every Addiction

  • Start Seeing Through the Illusion of Being Incomplete

  • Meet Desire's Terrible Twin

  • Real Independence Begins With This One Life-Changing Insight

Part 2: From Codependent To Independent: Awaken the Will to Be Free

  • Freedom Is Your Destiny

  • Coming to the End of Codependency

  • The Merchant Marine Who Woke Up and Found His Way Home

  • Remember Your True Identity and Realize Self-Liberation

  • Use the Sword of Higher Self-Knowledge to Slay the Dragon of Desire

  • An Inner Exercise to End All Forms of Codependency

40 Stepping Stones to Self-Freedom

A Few Words About the Dark Night of the Soul

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When the student is ready the teacher appears - thank you from the bottom of my heart for this brilliant book!


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