How to Call on the Powers of Higher Healing
How to Call on the Powers of Higher Healing
  • Posted: March 6, 2017
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Key Lesson

The more unwanted moments you're willing to walk into, the fewer unwanted moments will you have to go through.


The following key lessons are taken from 365 Days to Let Go. Use their insights to learn how every moment can be used for your higher education:

We cannot hope to change the unwanted world that we experience without first working to change those parts of us that are, at present, creating the world that we feel needs to be changed. (February 4)

Once we understand how to use them, life's many unwanted twists and turns are no longer seen as being just isolated, disjointed experiences under whose yoke we are born to be burdened; they are realized instead as unique opportunities whose rewards are the lessons needed for the education of our souls. (February 17)

If we could only remember in those unwanted moments -- when we see where we have been wrong in life -- that this vision is granted us because we have just been visited by some new light by which to see and know ourselves more truly, then one day we might come to welcome what now seems so unwanted. What does it take to welcome every moment of one's life? Love the light! (May 13)

The reason perfect love casts out fear is because any unwanted condition willingly embraced loses its power over us. We are never captive to what we agree to, nor do we wish for a time to come when we will be free. Only when we are no longer driven to imagine a freedom apart from what the moment holds for us, will we find that we are free now. (July 3)

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