Wisdom's Path to the Happiness Within: Making New Choices, Seeing Real Changes

Sit face-to-face with Guy Finley as he imparts the wisdom of the ages. That's how you'll feel when you watch the remarkable DVD album, Wisdom's Path to the Happiness Within. Just pop a DVD into your computer or DVD player, sit back, and be transported into a living-room like atmosphere. You'll see Guy speaking right to you as he tells you the stories that...

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Wisdom's Path to the Happiness Within: Making New Choices, Seeing Real Changes
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Guy’s talks and books are filled with many-layered tales that not only entertain, but that point the way to forming a better, more fulfilling relationship with life based in real understanding.

For Wisdom’s Path to the Happiness Within Guy went through his books and talks and picked out his favorite stories – memorable tales that carry forceful and poignant images that will tuck themselves into your heart and be your true friends. Then he retells them in a unique, cozy setting that makes you feel as though you’re part of the conversation.

All the stories taken together tell the whole story of your individual journey of self-discovery. They come at you from every angle, playing every note in the beautiful symphony of your life, so that you are enlightened and revitalized. They give you the maps and tools you need to enter your own personal Wisdom’s Path.

Truth tales are the most powerful medium there is for sharing life-changing wisdom.

This is the way that higher knowledge has always been passed down from generation to generation. And now Guy Finley tells the illuminating stories that can open your eyes to the hidden world within yourself. You will feel enlightened, inspired, and spiritually renewed as you watch and listen to Guy.

Wisdom’s Path is made up of ten separate talks (5 hours total), each of which is built around a series of stories that are linked together by Guy’s illuminating explanations and razor-sharp insight.

These stories impart universal spiritual principles, and at the same time they are accessible, charming, friendly, and fascinating to people of all ages. Guy speaks right to you as he tells you the stories that can transform you now, and brighten all the days to come.

You will want to watch these inspiring talks again and again. They will pay you back many times over in new understanding that will enliven your spirit and give you new wisdom to meet every moment.

Advanced spiritual students will love these timeless tales of truth, and will relish touching and being touched by the deeper meaning hidden in them. But they are also delightful for people who are not familiar with Guy’s teachings, making them the perfect way to introduce these principles to friends and family.

Learn age-old secrets that will guide you as you follow your own Wisdom's Path:

  • Understand the astounding relationship between you and unhappiness so you can be free of it once and for all.
  • Discover the only way that spiritual knowledge can flower into personal understanding.
  • Unmask the unseen mind activity that keeps you from enjoying the sweet things in life.
  • Learn the only concern you need ever have toward life and guarantee yourself authentic success.
  • Learn how to get past the unwanted moments in your life by understanding the whole of what you are.
  • Learn how to make the transition from being a spiritual seeker to being a true spiritual warrior.
  • Discover the special place within yourself where possibilities and authentic self-protection exist.
  • Gain the ultimate spiritual understanding that shows you, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that everything you pursue in the exterior world already exists within you.

Did You Hear the One About . . . . ?

Did you hear the story about the old prospector and the young man who tried to dig out his secret for always finding gold? (Hint: how to know exactly where to look for – and find -- new and higher self-understanding!)

What about the evil wizard who enslaved an island, and the one man who discovered the key to breaking the spell? (Hint: how to stop self-sabotaging once and for all!)

Or the reporter who exposed the mystery of a town where everyone turned into a sleepwalker at night? (Hint: How to make a new, fresh start free from painful old negative states.)

You will hear – see – learn, and best of all feel the healing truths of these stories and more in the ten enlightening talks on Wisdom’s Path to the Happiness Within.

You will be enlightened, inspired, and spiritually renewed as you watch and listen to this master storyteller. You will bathe in the glow of Guy's warmth, humor, and infectious enthusiasm as he unfolds these illuminating stories to help you master your life.

It’s the direct way to touch and heal your heart.

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Talk 1: The Secret of Finding Real Spiritual Gold

  • The vital understanding that keeps you safe from feelings of hopelessness and cynicism.
  • The only true success that exists in life, and how to find it.
  • The secret of ""looking within"" so that you ALWAYS find something valuable and uplifting in the moment!
  • The one thing you've been seeking through all your relationships and efforts, and why you need not wait one second longer to start enjoying it now!
  • How to keep from falling back into dead end relationships and ambitions that steal the energy you need for authentic change.
  • The great deception that has billions of human beings caught in a ceaseless cycle of futility and how to be one of the few who escape it.
  • Three new actions that guarantee authentic self-transformation.

Talk 2: See Through These False Beliefs and Be Free

  • Why you can never find real freedom through plans and achievements.
  • Why authentic happiness cannot be assailed by unexpected changes in circumstance.
  • The false beliefs, imagined by your own mind, that actually make you feel as though life is constantly threatening you.
  • The principal fear that keeps you from doing what you truly want to do in life.
  • The false belief that makes it impossible for you to be yourself.
  • Four false beliefs that cause your life to be dominated by fear.
  • The new action that takes you past the prison of fear.

Talk 3: Learn to Trust in the Goodness of Life

  • What does it really mean to be a free human being?
  • Experience the relief that comes from knowing everything that happens to you, happens for the good of you.
  • How to empty your glass of your small, personal story so you can drink the meaning of the Greater Story being told through your life.
  • How to find a true faith that is not imagined or based in belief.
  • A special insight that allows you to instantly forgive every wrong that has ever been committed against you by others.
  • The singular purpose of each and every moment of your life.
  • How to find the nobility of character that is a welcome presence to all who encounter it.

Talk 4: Start Flying Above the Storms of Life

  • The one and only thing that ever comes between you and the happiness, strength, and confidence you're looking for.
  • The great doorway of understanding that leads to all things truly good.
  • How to release the one thing you're clinging to that gives rise to worries and anxieties.
  • The greatest secret in the world when it comes to dealing with life's storms.
  • How to find celestial lessons in common everyday experiences, so that wherever you go, you see the hand of the Divine actively at work.
  • The new understanding that gives profound meaning to life's storms.
  • How to see through the ""problem-solver"" in you that secretly keeps problems alive.

Talk 5: The Spiritual Prescription for Whatever Pains You

  • What you must be willing to endure if you wish to be enlightened. Fewer than 1 in 100,000 are willing to do it.
  • A 5-word sentence that explains the entire process of spiritual enlightenment.
  • Why there's no such thing as a bad fact about yourself.
  • An astounding revelation about the real purpose for anger, fear, nervousness, and all other similar states of self-limitation. Incorporate this one insight and you'll never feel bad about yourself again!
  • How to release the energy stored in negative states and use it for your enlightenment.
  • A supreme new order of freedom that saves you from ever again trying to figure out what to do about something that pains you.
  • The one thing that is required if you wish to be healed of past wrongdoing.

Talk 6: Five Words to End Any Negative State

  • The tricks and deception fear uses to keep you under its authority.
  • The secret that ends all self-compromising behavior.
  • The change in viewpoint that makes you content with your own company.
  • The one groundbreaking thought that could lead you all the way out!
  • Why agreeing to compromise yourself now for the pursuit of a future pleasure will never bring the relief it promises.
  • The five word declaration that instantly cancels all feelings of powerlessness. Use it to break the patterns that keep you trapped in the same old self-limiting routine.
  • How to finally stop doing what is wrong so that automatically, without even knowing it, you begin to do what's right.

Talk 7: Three Words to Overcome Any Fear

  • Why you need not find answers in order to solve problems. The true solutions come in thoroughly understanding the problem itself.
  • How understanding the substance of negative states gives you total authority over them.
  • How to find the true nature within you that cannot be defeated by anything.
  • The interior dynamic you must understand if you wish to be fearless.
  • Like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, what you must guard against when you finally dare to challenge fear's warnings about what is impossible for you to do.
  • The shocking agreement that keeps billions of individuals enslaved by fear.
  • The great spiritual action that guarantees -- every single time you're willing to do it -- that you will be made into something new.

Talk 8: The Practice of the Presence Moment

  • How to stop feeling overwhelmed by life.
  • The interior relationship that makes true learning possible.
  • How to keep a ""canary in the mind"" that will alert you to problems before you get caught in them.
  • The power of impersonal perception that gives you absolute authority over thoughts, feelings, and even people who want to use your life for their gain.
  • How to cancel all forms of loneliness.
  • How to avoid the mistaken action that actually postpones true spiritual healing and enlightenment.
  • The one essential thing to do when you find yourself in a compromising relationship.

Talk 9: Open Your Eyes to the Endless Kingdom of Yourself

  • The specific steps you must follow to change the kind of human being you are.
  • The real reason and purpose for that ""hole in your soul.""
  • The extraordinary new vision that finally reveals to you the spiritual riches that were waiting for you all along.
  • The great law of spiritual reciprocity that gives you possession of everything you're able to understand.
  • The real source of kindness, love, and compassion, and why you need never again compromise yourself to try to win them from other people.
  • A tremendous revelation about the source of your moment-to-moment experience.
  • The single greatest strength you possess as a human being and how it connects you to the goodness and meaning that don't require a single achievement or change in circumstance for you to experience.

Talk 10: Practical Steps to Awaken Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities

  • How every moment-to-moment interaction is the vital doorway to discovering and then claiming the new lands that are part of your spiritual inheritance.
  • How to prove for yourself that who you really are can't fail and can't be hurt.
  • How to achieve authentic success in one single step.
  • The new action that produces true faith in the Divine.
  • The step-by-step process that frees you from fear and apprehension.
  • How to follow through once and for all: The key to cancelling procrastination.
  • The simple step you can take to build a faith and a wisdom that can never be taken from you.

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