Walk Away From the Ache of What Others Think About You
Walk Away From the Ache of What Others Think About You
  • Posted: January 21, 2008
  • Duration: 14min 49sec
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There are parts of us that seek the approval of other people. And the degree to which we seek the approval of another is the degree to which we are owned by that person. But this also applies inwardly, as we seek approval from what we call "ourselves." To be more specific, we actually seek approval from "our" negative states.

For example, we constantly ask the state of fear whether or not it approves of what we are about to do. For instance, maybe I want to stand up in front of a group of people and say something, but I decide not to because I listen to fear's advice about what might happen if I do it. Fear and other similar negative states--worry, anxiety, anger-- are not the friends they claim to be...they are punishing states pretending to be allies.

If we ever want to really know God's Life, then we're going to have to learn how to act without our own approval. The nature that we all currently live from is NOT going to give us the approval to be a different human being. That punishing nature does not want the human being to change. A person who wants Freedom is going to have to take steps that he is not going to approve of for himself.

Fear is not going to approve of a person doing what is necessary to end fear. So we must begin to act in spite of how we feel. We must grow weary of this life of seeking approval from ourselves. And the wanting of approval from ourselves is the same thing as wanting the approval of other people. It's all an interior affair first.

The beauty is that this self that I seek approval from is not really me at all. You don't need approval from the world outside of you or from the world inside of you to do and be what is Right. Watch the world as it continues to run around in its madness...You can be different.

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