Stop Sorting Your Experience and Stop Suffering
Stop Sorting Your Experience and Stop Suffering
  • Posted: April 19, 2008
  • Duration: 5min 13sec
Talk Notes

Real enthusiasm is expressed in us each time we encounter what we have never encountered before. And in that encounter, we have actually uncovered something within ourselves that we have never seen before.

Most of us today live our lives on the sidelines...just looking at things. We don't really experiment with our lives anymore. But the truth is that every moment of your life holds the possibility of you seeing something that you have never seen before. The living impressions of God's Life are forever streaming down, and each impression received by an attentive mind and heart is a brand new experience.

The reason we do not take in these new impressions and constantly have new experiences is that we have an "experience sorter" in us. The experience sorter decides for us which experiences are good for us, and which experiences are unwanted. Experiences were never meant to be sorted in this way.

We are meant to be enthusiastic every day about what we have seen and learned about ourselves. We are meant to be spiritual explorers...actively receptive to what is always new.

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