Live by the Rule of Divine Life
Live by the Rule of Divine Life
  • Posted: December 29, 2014
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Key Lesson

Those who seek first the Kingdom of Heaven are always in the right place, at the right time, to see their cup filled, and to drink from it... as freely as they will.


Which would you rather do? Be identified with all the things in life that come and go... so that this lower sense of self compels you to cry and worry and fight to keep everything in place? Or, would you rather be free of that lower nature that lives to cling... so that you're increasingly able to just let what "comes and goes" do just that... come and go with no further muss and fuss?

We've been taught growing up that we complete ourselves through acquisition... of possessions, position, approval. The bitter fruit of humans trying to acquire what they believe essential to their well-being has resulted in a world of desperate and dangerous people who don't know what to do with their lives because they don't know what it means to be in relationship with what is Good.

When you know what it means to be in relationship with Goodness, you never feel bad. Unhappiness, anger, fear -- negative states -- cannot make a home in you when you know what it means to be in relationship with Goodness. These are not "pie in the sky" words. They represent practical, down-to-earth spiritual work, so that there is no mistaking the difference between wanting to feel good about where we are and what we have versus being in the Goodness that is always where we are and allowing it to live our lives for us as we are there.

What would it mean to be in relationship with what is Good? Christ instructed to " ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." If you were to look up the roots of those words in the original languages, you would find a very different translation from the twisted meaning that has become so prevalent today. People now talk about "abundance," but Christ said to "seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all shall be added unto you." What this passage really meant was this: Put Love -- the rule of Divine Life and its completely equitable character - above all things, and all concerns shall be placed in a passive position within you.

To us, "seek ye first the kingdom of heaven... and all these things shall be added unto you," means somehow if we do this or we do that, we're going to get rich, lose weight, that something good will happen to us if we just do what everyone says we should do to be a good Christian. In reality, what that passage says has nothing whatsoever to do with acquiring anything. Not one thing. "All things shall be added unto you," means that we are given everything when we no longer serve our own desires.

For us, the fulfillment of our desires is the acquisition of things, isn't it? "Get him to like me," "Get more of this," "Get that to work." Our mindset works in these opposites of this and that, here I am and there I will become. The Truth is saying to us: "No, no, no, no. Love -- the rule of Divine Life -- before all things." When we live by the rule of Divine Life and its completely equitable (meaning fair, balanced) character, all the concerns we have about all the things we need to do and be... fall away.

A spark of Divine Grace, a celestial seed has been sown into each of us, creating a need to find for ourselves that Goodness which will make us whole and free. We can't create that seed. So what must we do to find the Love that buried this seed, this hidden treasure within us? In one respect, the only thing we can do as a man or a woman on this earth is see to it that the ground in which it lies is properly prepared, nourished, and given everything it needs to flourish. Because if we do that, then that which put this celestial seed in us sees to it that we are in relationship with the part of ourselves that we have been seeking in everyone and everything else throughout our lives.

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