Put the Universe on Your Side
Put the Universe on Your Side
  • Posted: July 23, 2012
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Key Lesson

Nothing makes less of us than trying to be more than whatever the present moment asks us to be... regardless of its nature.


The experience of every moment of our life is a direct reflection of our nature. Life really is a special kind of journey that each and every day can present new vistas to our eager perception. Instead, we live in an unhappy world created by our misperception. Yet one of the marvels of our lives is that they can undergo a natural healing process when our wish for an awakened consciousness allows the Truth to shed its curative light. When that happens, even our pains become marvelous, because each one provides a fresh opportunity to learn more about what we have been doing against ourselves. This new knowledge gives us the power we need to cease this self-betrayal forever.

The realization that there are parts of us that are against us can hit us with a jolt. But when we see that these wrong parts have actually created the pains that they then falsely promise to free us of, we eagerly seek -- and find -- the real Friend who will bring all pains to an end. Only the Truth is on your side. When you live from the Truth, the whole universe will be on your side as well.

The pain of knowing that we don't know what to do is only entered once, while the pain of pretending that we do understand lives on for as long as the pretense.

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