Stop Blocking the Light that Heals
Stop Blocking the Light that Heals
  • Posted: February 29, 2016
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Key Lesson

Nothing serves to create a greater sense of isolation -- a feeling of being cut off from life -- than being at the center of your own thoughts about yourself; where you live out your days as a castaway on the "island of self" upon which you have, unknowingly, agreed to abandon yourself.


Human beings can always use more Light.

It's not that there isn't plenty to be had; the Light of conscious revelation pours down unendingly. The problem is that most of us have blocked ourselves from receiving the genuine healing Light by focusing our attention on the false light of self-centered thought. And it isn't just individuals who suffer because of this. The sad state of affairs we see in the larger world today reflects the growing isolation of men and women who have cut themselves off from real life through misplaced attention.

But isolation is not a necessary outcome. We can learn to look beyond the limited world our thoughts present to us, and come into direct contact with reality itself. The goal of all truthful teachings handed down through the ages has been to encourage individuals to follow the path to a more expansive existence. We're told to wake up; to shake off the illusion that our thoughts about ourselves and life are all there is; and to put ahead of our own ideas of what we need, the wishes of something that's greater than we are. If we will take the bold step of sacrificing our thoughts about life in favor of a real life, we will be given everything in return: security, love, wisdom, and all the benefits of living in the Light.

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