7 Ways to a Higher, Happier Life With the One You Love

What is the #1 Reason Why Relationships Fail? For years men and women have labored under crippling ideas about what it takes to build long-lasting, loving relationships. Just leaf through the countless pages that have been written about how to rescue your relationship and you'll find as many contradictory ideas about why relationships come crashing down as there are people on this ear...

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7 Ways to a Higher, Happier Life With the One You Love
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What is the #1 Reason Why Relationships Fail?

For years men and women have labored under crippling ideas about what it takes to build long-lasting, loving relationships.

Just leaf through the countless pages that have been written about how to rescue your relationship and you'll find as many contradictory ideas about why relationships come crashing down as there are people on this earth. But contrary to popular belief, there is really only one principal reason why relationships fall apart.

Here it is, as simply as it can be said:

The #1 reason why relationships fail is because they are built upon a form of love that you are intended to outgrow.

Said differently, the initial love that brings two people together isn't intended to be the love that holds it together.


Because that love can't hold it together.

Sure, it's quite possible that the initial attraction and desire will remain, even as the relationship progresses. But it makes very little difference because it's an altogether higher form of love that is intended to become the foundation of that relationship.

Now think for just a moment what this means.

It means you don't have to struggle to restore your relationship to the way it felt before things got tough. There's another way.

Why Relationships Based Solely on Attraction and Desire Rarely Last

When we're first drawn into a new relationship, the love we feel is based primarily on attraction and desire.

We fall in love with the way that person looks. With how she acts. With how he thinks. The kind of affection he or she shows.

This form of love, as sweet as it is, can be disastrous if it remains the entire foundation of the relationship.


Because this form of love can be taken from you without the slightest warning.

And for that reason you're always on edge. Never at ease. Constantly wondering if your relationship is still OK, or if it's on the verge of a break-up.

And what's worse, by living this way you both become susceptible to all manner of dark and destructive forces. Forces that include: dependency, possessiveness, impatience, hatred, sarcasm, anger, fear, cruelty, despondency, and countless others.

It's not a question of IF this happens, it's a question of WHEN.

It starts out in small ways at first:

  • Subtle verbal jabs and put-downs.
  • Disagreements that end up with giving the other person the "silent Treatment."
  • Sudden indifference and aloofness.
  • Scrutinizing his or her Facebook page for clues about other relationships.
  • A reluctance to communicate openly.

But it always escalates from there, and sometimes may even include:

  • Jealousy that leads to rage.
  • Insisting the other person "choose or lose!"
  • Lies, deception, and infidelity.
  • Embarrassing public outbursts
  • Extreme demands or possessiveness.

Fortunately there's an altogether different kind of love. And it is this higher form of love that can work miracles in your relationships.

Imagine a Relationship That is Free of Dependency

When it comes to relationships, it's a cardinal rule: The more you strain to possess and hold onto a relationship, the more your efforts sabotage that relationship.

There isn't a creature on the earth that doesn't seek complete, unbounded freedom on a daily basis. And human beings are no exception. The instant you strain to hold her in place, the moment you try to make him behave in a certain way, you've introduced something unnatural into the relationship, and that person will instantly feel the bars of possessiveness closing in around them.

From there it's a conflict-filled, heart-wrenching descent.

Now imagine for a moment what it would be like to have a relationship in which possessiveness and attachment no longer hold any power over you.

I don't mean ACTING as though you're not attached to him. I don't mean PRETENDING you don't feel a sense of possessing her.

I mean ACTUALLY feeling that way.

Think for a moment what would happen.

You would be an individual with an interior strength that's so unique and so attractive, other people would be drawn to you naturally...effortlessly.

And it's here where relationships truly begin to flourish.

Because in this kind of relationship the woman knows she's no longer with a weak a man.

And the man knows he's no longer with a manipulative woman.

That other person knows you've found your own life. He or she feels it. And for that very reason that person is drawn to love you more than ever before.

It's a relationship that very few ever experience. Spontaneous. Affectionate. Incorruptible. And above all, truly loving.

How You Can Begin Experiencing This Higher Love in Your Relationships... Starting TODAY!

Let's be perfectly clear. This Higher Love is well within your reach. In fact, you can bring this Love into your relationships starting today. It's really quite easy to do.

That's because there are specific ways -- simple, yet very powerful techniques -- that make it possible.

In this program, best-selling author Guy Finley devotes an entire one-hour talk to explaining these vital relationship secrets.

Here's how it works...

Your Personalized Course in Relationship Mastery

You begin by listening once to the entire one-hour program. This gives you the all-important core ideas that these techniques are based on.

You then go back to the 7 specific techniques Guy describes for bringing this Higher Love into your relationships, and you review each one again.

Then what you're going to do is choose the one technique -- and only one -- that appeals to you most based on your current situation. That one technique is to be your single focus of study for the next 30 days. (The program comes with a one-page, print-friendly reference guide to help you keep track of your selection. Simply carry it with you as a helpful reminder.)

Now here's the key: At least once a day, for each of the next 30 days, you're going to choose one upcoming encounter with your spouse, friend, parent, boss, coworker, anyone at all. And you're going to make it your principal aim during the entire exchange to apply your one technique to that encounter.

That's it. You need do nothing else. (Of course, it will greatly enhance your results to review the entire 1-hour program from time to time as you go along).

Keep in mind, while the techniques themselves will go virtually unnoticed by the people around you, those same people will sense there's something positively different about you each time you work to apply them.

But again, all you do is choose one of the seven technique and give it your dedicated attention for 30 days.

You'll find that your willingness to apply your simple technique guarantees the entrance of that Higher Love into your relationships. And as you diligently apply your new understanding, you'll discover secret doorways into the finest parts of your relationships that you never even knew existed.

How to Bring the Simple Pleasures Back Into Your Relationships

There are so many different ways you will benefit from applying these techniques to your relationships.

But sometimes it's the simple things that matter most.

There's certainly something to be said for the simple pleasure in never again having to wrestle with, or worry over the state of your relationship -- other than perhaps to reflect upon how lucky you are to have developed such a deep, meaningful connection.

At no point -- not even for one second -- do you need to fend off those relentless, haunting thoughts about what's going on in your relationship. About why it's stopped working, and who's to blame. Or what should you do to re-stimulate your partner's interest.

What a relief!

How to Forgive Infidelity and Restore Broken Trust

If you're dealing with trust and infidelity issues, take our word for it: Get yourself a copy of this program and immerse yourself in it as soon as possible. It will help you in many, many ways.

Because when it comes to forgiveness, there is an immense misunderstanding that sabotages our efforts.

You see, contrary to what most people believe, it isn't really possible for an individual to "choose" whether or not to forgive someone. And in fact, believing that it IS possible (to forgive someone) is the main reason why complete forgiveness is so rare, and why doubt and suspicion always creep back in. Real and lasting forgiveness isn't an act of tolerance or willpower.

Real forgiveness comes from understanding. You must understand what that other person did by understanding the very same impulses that exist within yourself. Then your forgiveness will be effortless and all-encompassing. It will bring the two of you together instead of driving you apart. And best of all, you won't need to do one thing to keep that forgiveness in place.

Use This Program in ALL Your Relationships for the Greatest Benefit

These techniques don't just unleash the beauty in close, intimate relationships. They bring out the finest in ALL your relationships.

Anyplace a relationship is involved provides the perfect opportunity to apply this understanding.

This includes relationships with:

  1. Your husband or wife.
  2. Your children -- including nieces, nephews, and grand kids.
  3. Your parents and siblings.
  4. Your friends and neighbors.
  5. Your boss and coworkers.
  6. Your in-laws.
  7. Strangers you meet.
  8. Waitresses, bank tellers, loan officers, store clerks.
  9. Teachers, professors, doctors, dentists.
  10. ....the list goes on and on.

What you learn in this program reaches out and touches everyone in your life.

And those people notice. They may not realize they notice, but they do. It affects them. They look forward to your visit. They go the extra mile to help you when they can. They're drawn, by some subtle, indescribable magnetism, to WANT to help you.

And each day your life gets better as the direct result of these ever-deepening relationship. So much more to be grateful for. So much less to worry over.

Here's Everything You'll Discover in This Program

  1. In-depth: 7 simple and powerful techniques to bring Higher Love into your relationships.

  2. How to truly love the one you're with.

  3. The unfailing indicator that lets you know when you've found True Love.

  4. A kind of "relationship Jujutsu" that allows you to redirect any negative energy for beneficial purposes.

  5. The one and only means to authentic, permanent forgiveness of yourself and others.

  6. The little-known purpose behind all of your relationships, and how to use that understanding to get the most out of each one of them.

  7. How to spot false loves by understanding the 3 Principal Stages of Love.

  8. The one action that delivers what are perhaps the most profound experiences possible in your relationships.

  9. The prerequisite for unconditional love.

  10. How to become an exceptional communicator -- whether you're speaking or listening.

  11. The vital role sacrifice plays in any true love relationship.

  12. Why a human being starts to shut down after a prolonged period of abusing and neglecting the part of him or her that longs for permanent love.

Start a Breathtaking New Chapter in All Of Your Relationships

What you're going to receive in this special 1-hour program (including your one-page reference guide) is a system for discovering an altogether different kind of love in your relationships. A love that can bring back the simple pleasures and the meaningful connections you once had. It blends powerful wisdom with 7 equally powerful techniques that are easy to understand and simple to apply. Best of all, you need select and apply only one of the seven techniques to begin tapping into all of the benefits listed above.

Don't wait. Take a few moments right now to get your copy of 7 Ways to a Higher, Happier Life With the One You Love, and get started today with this exciting new chapter in your relationships.

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