Hear the Sound of Heaven Sounding in You
Hear the Sound of Heaven Sounding in You
  • Posted: February 17, 2011
  • Duration: 5min 31sec
Talk Notes

Quite often our reaction when we witness someone perform something that is beautiful, unique, or inspiring is to either idolize the individual and wish that we had such a gift, or to resent the person and wonder why he or she was given an ability which we were denied.

Instead of reacting as we usually do, it is possible for us to experience something beautiful so that its very presence reminds us of the Divine. The fact is that any expression something beautiful is God's beauty. The magnificence that we experience with our senses is the expression of the infinite possibilities contained within the individual who has been gifted to be that expression.

Once we begin to understand that the beauty that we love is the worldly revelation of something Divine, then we cannot feel anything other than a communion with the whole of the content of that moment. Although we do not create for ourselves this whole nature that suddenly experiences life in this way, we can start to recognize it as a possibility that is presently lying dormant within us. Then we can begin to have a completely new relationship with every moment if we are willing.


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