Lessons Only Love Can Teach
Lessons Only Love Can Teach
  • Posted: April 20, 2003
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Key Lesson

Part I: No one ever walked the path of Greatness who was not first visited by Love who whispered the Way.

Part II: What is any display of Greatness but the evidence of a Love first realized and then suffered to be expressed, revealing timeless invisible perfection in a temporal physical form.


However expressed in us - from the lowest level of sensual life pushed along by pure desire, to that incessant drive to make ourselves special in the eyes of the world, to those loftier ambitions of longing to be an instrument of the creative life, whatever its form, be it lower or higher - it is Love that moves us. It is Love that guides us. It is Love that we seek and find. How? Because it is Love in one of her endless interior forms that sends us to seek her in one of her many worldly disguises. The Lover and the beloved are two motions, one breath - an eternal affair animating not only all of Creation but whose secret source is the essence of our very being. And evident in the invisible romance, for those with eyes to see, is an unparalleled mystery - one that has perplexed humankind since the beginning of time: Love is an eternal flame, but there is no substance of earth that can satisfy her supernal fire.

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