Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom: Truths for Living

There's a reason why we all love stories about ancient maps, sunken ships, and buried treasure. It's because these tales reflect a deep sensing we all have: that a hidden treasure actually dwells within us -- and if we could just find the way to discover it, our lives would shine every day with life's greatest wealth: the golden qualities of true confidence, unbounded energy, unfailing wisdom...

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Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom: Truths for Living
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There's a reason why we all love stories about ancient maps, sunken ships, and buried treasure. It's because these tales reflect a deep sensing we all have: that a hidden treasure actually dwells within us -- and if we could just find the way to discover it, our lives would shine every day with life's greatest wealth: the golden qualities of true confidence, unbounded energy, unfailing wisdom, and genuine love.

If you have the intuition -- or even just the wish -- that such a marvelous treasure really does exist at the very core of your being, then rest assured that you are correct. And it doesn't matter whether you've actually seen it in yourself, whether anyone else you know has it, or if your friends or relatives believe it exists. That strong, fearless, and successful self does indeed live within you. And even as you're reading this, it's waiting to be released.

No matter what your life has been like until now, and as remarkable as it may seem, there truly is a part of you that can:

  • Meet each day with complete confidence that there's nothing to fear, ever!
  • Love fully and without reservation
  • Always know the right thing to do
  • Overcome any problem life tosses your way
  • Be propelled by the endless force and power of the present moment

If you have yet to realize such splendid bounties in your life, it isn't because these treasures aren't real, or that they aren't fully available to you in all their creative energy. It just means that you haven't yet found their hidden source within yourself!

Just like the fabled treasure hunters who have ignited our imaginations since childhood, finding that hidden treasure within us requires going on an adventure of discovery -- inner discovery. And when setting off on a treasure hunt, the key to success is having a living map.

The happy truth is that there is just such a map, and it's yours for the asking! You see, the way to the buried treasure of our true self has always been known. It's been passed down through the ages by the wise ones who have sought out and found the treasure for themselves. Throughout history the precious map has surfaced in a variety of forms, providing the chance for each one of us to follow our own personal path to fulfilling the true purpose of our life.

For all of us who wish to find the effortless happiness and understanding for which we are meant, this map is available today. It is Guy Finley's powerful book, Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom: Truths for Living. This is the book that has taken thousands of grateful readers, step by step, on the journey that helped them realize a whole new life. If you will use this map yourself -- with all its generous, well-marked roads and signposts along the way -- you will soon uncover these genuine inner riches, and more:

  • Go beyond the limitations of thought
  • Break out of self-punishing patterns
  • Grow in relationship with higher Love
  • Be relieved of all fear and worry
  • Nurture your unshakable, true nature

The unique format of Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom makes it easy for you to master the special information and tools you need to attain a liberated spirit and higher success. Each chapter begins with an explanation of a critical milestone on the path to higher self-understanding. This is followed by a series of questions and answers -- real questions that have been asked by others who -- like yourself -- are actively seeking a more fulfilling and meaningful life. And then each chapter concludes with a targeted exercise that you can put into practice immediately to ensure swift progress.

It's a fact: If you follow the true map of higher knowledge and instruction outlined in Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom, it won't be long before you realize the life whose cornerstones are peace, fearlessness, and love!

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Chapter 1: Inviting What is True to Set You Free

  • Expanding Our Understanding of the Nature of Truth
  • New Knowledge About Our True Nature
  • Exercise: Five Truths that Make You Victorious

Chapter 2: Steps to Possessing Your True Self

  • Freedom from the False Self
  • Start Discerning and Living from Your True Self
  • Exercise: Awaken the New Perception that is Pressure-Free

Chapter 3: Realize the Promise of Yourself in the Present Moment

  • Wake Up and Put Yourself in the Present Moment
  • The Promising Power of Being Awake
  • Exercise: Enter Into the Untroubled Now

Chapter 4: Going Beyond the Limitations of Thought

  • Realize the Right Use of Thought
  • Watching, Waiting, and Working Towards a Quiet Mind

Chapter 5: Breaking Out of Self-Punishing Patterns

  • Deliver Yourself from the Domain of Dark Thoughts
  • The Secret to Overcoming All Opposition
  • Going Beyond Resistance Into Life's Flow
  • Exercise: The Sure Cure for Conflict-Creating Questions

Chapter 6: Turn Any Dark Condition into a Healing Light

  • Nullify Negative States with New Knowledge
  • The Power to Eliminate Dark Emotions
  • Elevate Your Life Above Loss and Grief
  • Nurture Your Unshakable, True Nature
  • Wake Up and Be Free of Fear and Worries
  • The Way to Defeat All Dark Forces
  • Exercise: Three New Choices that Dismiss Dark Conditions

Chapter 7: Cancel the Secret Abuse of Self-Captivity

  • Clear Away Common Problems and Frustrations
  • Beyond Temptations, Bad Habits, and the Addictive Nature
  • Releasing Guilt, Blame, and Resentments
  • Exercise: The Wisdom to Escape the Circle of Wants

Chapter 8: Lessons Only Love Can Teach

  • Finding the Love You Long For
  • The Many Levels of Love and the Lessons they Hold for Us
  • Exercise: Let the Love of Truth Give You a Fearless Life

Chapter 9: Relationships: The Pathway and the Promise of Real Life

  • Gaining Uncommon Insights from Our Everyday Interactions
  • Dealing with the Darkness We Get from Others
  • The Reality Behind the Need for Realizing New Relationships

Chapter 10: Helping Others to Help Themselves Go Higher

  • Escape the Punishment in Judging Others
  • Giving and Receiving Spiritual Corrections
  • Guidance that Helps Your Loved Ones Grow
  • The Work of Bringing Light Into the World
  • Exercise: Helping Ourselves and Others Break the Circle of Suffering

Chapter 11: Life's Secret Lessons About Real Success

  • Living Free Above Success and Failure
  • Right Livelihood Along the Path to Self-Liberation
  • Pull Yourself Out of the World's Pull on You
  • Exercise: Three Steps to Success Without Stress

Chapter 12: Principles and Practices Along the Path to Self-Awakening

  • Teachers, Teachings, and Tools Along the Spiritual Path
  • Spiritual Practices and the Presence of God
  • The Christian Path to Higher Consciousness
  • New Light on the Lessons in the Bible

Chapter 13: Encouraging Facts About Finding and Following the True Spiritual Path

  • The Right Wish and Real Work for Awakening
  • Working for the Awakening You Long For

Chapter 14: Keys to Completing the Journey to Your Self

  • Finding Freedom from Weariness and Frustration
  • The True Measure of Spiritual Growth
  • Learning to Let Go
  • Special Insights into Making a Fresh Start in Life
  • Exercise: Find Freedom from False Beliefs and Their False gods

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