Nullify Negative States with New Knowledge
Nullify Negative States with New Knowledge
  • Posted: April 27, 2003
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Key Lesson

Just as we know that we're responsible when a thief steals our car because we left it unattended with the keys in the ignition, so should we realize that we have no one else to blame for how bad we feel whenever we permit negative states to steal into our heart and drive off with it!


I really have a difficult time dealing with negative states. Do you have any suggestions for what I can do to escape these dark feelings that overtake me so often?

One of the hardest things to understand about the spiritual path and the struggles along the Way is that the inner battle we fear losing has already been won for us . . . if we will choose the right side of the engagement. Our task is to stay in the battle long enough to see through the wrong parts of ourselves that are producing both the negative states and the experiences these states produce. If you will learn what it means to endure until the end (i.e., to stay awake to these states until they pass - which they must, being the mechanical forces they are), you'll find yourself on the next step of the path above you. You'll know you went higher because you saw through and let go of the lower. Here is a clue as to how this will work for you as you do the necessary interior work: Negative states linger only as long as they are fed. It is a fact that no negative spirit or thought can stand alone. This is one of the most empowering inner discoveries a person can make along the path. This realization is why we must learn to be alone, and at the same time why if we will accept the truth of what we see within ourselves, we are simultaneously set free from both state and self.

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