The Three A's of the Peaceful Life
The Three A's of the Peaceful Life
  • Posted: September 3, 2020
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Key Lesson

Part 1

There can be no silence, no real peace in our heart and mind without full acceptance of each moment... And there could be no such acceptance of the moment without accepting what the moment reveals to us -- about us -- in that same moment.

Part 2

Self-acceptance is self-realization; self-realization is self-acceptance.


Following are what may be called the The Three A's of the Peaceful Life. Welcome them as special work reminders to let God's will be as your own. If you will take these new intentions and inner attitudes with you into your day, then you will soon realize what it means to let go and know peace.

Work to trust in the Goodness of God's moment, so that instead of trying to dig into it with a psychological pick-ax -- hoping to extract something from it that you think you must have to be happy -- allow the moment to give you what you need. Your key intention here is to "allow" God's will.

Work to watch the whole moment as it unfolds, so that instead of focusing only on what you want to see -- a self-limiting perception that separates you from all that the moment might have to show you -- agree to see everything the moment reveals about you and your present life. Your key action here is to "agree" with God's will.

Work to welcome whatever the moment brings to you, so that instead of resisting its natural seasons for fear of the passing of spring or the onset of a long winter's night -- accept the moment and let it live and die as it would. The key intention here is to "accept" God's will as your own.

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