The Flicker That Would Be a Flame
The Flicker That Would Be a Flame
  • Posted: February 12, 2005
  • 195 words
Key Lesson

The desire for greatness is not the same as the love of it -- for such a want causes us to compare ourselves with what is great in others, and from the seed of this secret contest springs conflict. But love of greatness embraces the Goodness from which it springs -- and such a love is never conflicted for having found a light that burns brighter than itself, any more than a spark in a fire contests the flame from which it is thrown.


This evening, while reading another's account of his longing for his one, true Love, I couldn't help but be struck that my love for you paled in comparison . . . and here was the shock:

The impassioned heart, mine in this instance, believes itself to be incapable of any greater longing than itself can bear. But plainly there are greater hearts; hearts whose nature can not only endure greater depths of dark aloneness, but hearts which -- in their deep forbearance -- also realize those heights of love yet undreamed of by more timid souls such as my own.

Could it be that love comes only to those who love so greatly that they neither know, nor care, of their own consumption by its flame? And, if so, what of those of us in this world who have thought their flickering candle a great torch?

Still, I'm tempted to hope. There is an unspoken kindness in these findings -- if we know where to look. For where there is only a little light there may yet be that flame into which love can come into its own fullness. And when it does, I know you'll be there.

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