Going Beyond the Limitations of Thoughts
Going Beyond the Limitations of Thoughts
  • Posted: January 24, 2003
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Key Lesson

Every conscious act of Love lifts the world, so that each genuine expression of kindness embraces and elevates all willing souls. While every angry thought lashes the soul, infecting the world with its bitterness until the will of what is dark within that hatefulness crushes the unwitting soul, causing her to lose her precious little Light.


When it comes to our spiritual being, every moment serves to either nourish within us the inherent freedom of Real Life, or it acts to negate this grand possibility and keeps us prisoners of our own unconsciousness. And if we had eyes to see into the secret realm of Self that sits behind the determining reality of our existence, we would witness therein that each of our thoughts, either consciously or carelessly embraced, forms within us the cells of our spiritual being. These building blocks of our supersensual "self" structure are what we call our experience of life, so that even as we think what we want to be, so are we made to become this self by the nature of these very thoughts.

But these insights reveal only a fraction of the story of our whole life possibility. Our thoughts, like all energetic life forms, attract to themselves natures like themselves. The thoughts of a fellow not only flock together, but seek and are sought out by similar invisible creatures. The implications of this discovery all point to one imperative: Our first action, our first choice in life - regardless of the circumstances life has put us in - must be to come awake within ourselves. We must work to be conscious of the nature of whatever thoughts and feelings are running through us... and for good reason. Here is why such self-watchfulness is so vital to our spiritual well-being.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, our prevailing sense of self is largely determined by the nature of our invisible interior relationship with these widely varying mental and emotional states. For upon whatever our attention is given, it is there that we stand inwardly, and whatever the actual nature of this ground may be - for the strength or shakiness of it - we share in that level of life.

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