Helpful Lessons in Higher Love
Helpful Lessons in Higher Love
  • Posted: February 13, 2006
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Key Lesson

Reality is renewal itself. This means that as we learn to surrender ourselves to the Source of Life that never stops starting over -- so are we empowered to see that whatever seems a lost opportunity, is really the same as a new one being revealed.


Lesson 14: Once we understand how to use them... life's many unwanted twists and turns are no longer seen as being just isolated, disjointed experiences under whose yoke we are born to be burdened, but instead are realized as unique opportunities whose rewards are the lessons that can lead us, if we will follow, up to and through the successful education of our soul.

Lesson 17: When we understand that our true purpose in life is to grow in the Wisdom of God's Plan, and that this Wisdom we seek itself seeks us to help it unfold in Goodness, then we also realize that whatever disappointments we encounter along the Way must themselves be a part of Wisdom's Eternal Plan. It is for this New Wisdom that we are spared from falling through that darkened door called discouragement; a passageway whose threshold, once crossed, carries the soul to its own unwitting destruction.

Lesson 18: Spiritual patience is born in us as we grow to realize that our individual lives are forever being revealed in a great Clockwork whose tireless and timeless mainspring is Love. Our part in this inexorable movement of Life is not to resist what appears untimely in its unfolding but -- providing we will remain open, watchful and honest about what is being revealed -- to realize that everything needed for the perfection of our Peace does arrive.

Lesson 20: In the great movement of the Whole -- in its enfolding eternal living and dying -- all things must obey the laws of creation and destruction in their ceaseless rounds. This means that -- if we wish to be free of unnecessary suffering -- we must understand that the cycles of creative energies will wax and wane; and that we must not resist these times when nothing is seen to grow in us because it is the ground of ourselves that is being renewed.

Lesson 37: No one would think to seek something that he didn't first feel he had somehow lost. So it is with our search for God's Life. But in the end, as one draws nearer to realizing his quest, he begins to understand that the Great Prize he has sought in all places was never lost. It had only been forgotten.

Lesson 38: Anything within you that tells you there is no point in beginning to do something that you would love to do -- because "there is no way that I can succeed at that" -- is not just your enemy, but the enemy of God as well... for God is Love, and whatever measure of love you are given to feel towards something in your life is His way of gently guiding you into the awaiting fullness of His Life.

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