How to Read the Book of Life

How to Read the Book of Life

If you feel like some days you're "groping around in the dark," wishing for the Light to show you the way, this 2-hour video course will help open your eyes to the friendly powers that are always waiting to help you live your happiest, most fulfilled life. Learn how to access an internal book of answers any time you have a question about who you are, what you really want, and what to do next.

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Here Are the Answers You've Been Waiting For!

It All Becomes Clear When You Learn How to Read . . .

The Book of Life

What if you had a book of answers you could turn to any time you had a question about who you were, what you really wanted, and what you should do next?

Answers you could always count on to help you...

  • Any time you were unsure about how you'd arrived at this particular point in your life, and wondered if there was still a way--and enough time--to make everything right
  • Any time you felt uncertain about how to deal with some sticky situation or some difficult person, and you wished you had the strength to do what needed to be done--if only you knew what it was!
  • Any time you faced a puzzling decision--from something as simple as what to order from the menu, to something as gut-wrenching as whether to finally get out of that life-draining relationship

If you've ever wished you had the right answer, but knew you didn't have a clue . . . if you're sick of feeling weak and wishy-washy instead of knowing from your heart what you should do . . . then you are going to treasure the help you'll find in Guy Finley’s powerful 2-hour program, The Book of Life.

Don't Lose Any More Time to Heartache and Confusion!

We all look forward to new beginnings and starting over. But don't we also wonder if it's really possible to see the genuine changes we hope for?

Maybe we sense the plans we come up with to become a more effective human being are just out of habit, and even if we fulfilled them, we wouldn't be any happier because we're not even sure what our heart of heart wants.

We all know we’ll be faced with new challenges and opportunities in the coming months and years, but maybe we wonder if we'll know how to meet them in the critical moment. Will we just act by default, and scratch our heads afterward wondering why we did what we didn't really want to do? Why we couldn't see, in the moment, what things meant and the right way to respond?

Don't we all wish we could avoid making those stupid mistakes that seem like the right thing to do--or say--at the time, but end up filling us with regret?

Don't we wish we could see what events really mean, what people are really trying to tell us, so we don't keep missing the opportunities life presents for our transformation?

If you feel like some days you're "groping around in the dark"--wishing for the Light to show you what you need to see, then this 2-hour course will help open your eyes to the friendly powers that are always waiting to help you live your happiest, most fulfilled life. It will give you access to the answers you need in the moment you need them, and show you how to tap into a source of wisdom you will refer to again and again!

An Endless Source of Answers That Work

Here's just a taste of the valuable information you'll find in The Book of Life:

  • The one way to experience daily the vitality of a renewed life
  • How to get the answers you need--when you need them
  • How to receive constant guidance from the world above yourself
  • The avoidable mistake that blocks you from a direct relationship with beauty
  • How to know and live the real meaning of your life
  • How to connect with the wisdom that lies hidden within you
  • 5 words that explain the needless cause of your sense of isolation
  • The surprising secret to finally feeling fully connected to life
  • How to harness the power and promise in "empty" moments
  • How to listen to your own heart so you always do what you know is right
  • How to banish awkwardness and always feel at ease in the world
  • The key to unlocking your heart so you're always fearless and open to life
  • How to have more compassionate, loving relationships
  • What it takes to stop thinking about life and start living it
  • How to place yourself where the Book of Life is always spread before you
  • A 2-part exercise to change your relationship with life, and everyone you know
  • The simple action required to fully enjoy yourself
  • How to become an instrument of the Divine

This program will open your heart and give you new confidence to meet each day, knowing you'll never betray yourself because you know what it is you really want and exactly what you should be doing. There is simply nothing like this extraordinary program. The Book of Life really will help you open a new chapter in your life.

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