Love Wants to Know Itself
Love Wants to Know Itself
  • Posted: March 23, 2020
  • 492 words
Key Lesson

The mirror into which I gaze is not on the wall before me, it is within me... so that all I see (therein) is a reflection of my consciousness. To know this Truth is to throw open wide the window of the soul... That by the Light showing me this unity to be set free from the useless suffering inherent in the illusion of a separate self.


"Do you know why you want freedom? To know why you want freedom, you must know what you want freedom from. And most of us do not know that idea of 'freedom from' -- other than when we're in a bad relationship.

"What you want is freedom from pain. You want freedom from fear. Freedom from self-doubt. Freedom from feeling inadequate. Freedom from being alone. You want freedom from pain... and you can't find it.

"And (by the way), the nature that is unconscious searches uselessly for the solution. But it doesn't care that it searches uselessly for the solution, because the search is useful to ITS continuation. Which is quite a different story, if you understand it.

"When you look out and it is a resplendent day, the beauty of nature is a reflection of the beauty in the mind that perceives it. The beauty is not out there. Or said differently, the beauty only exists as long as within you there is the corresponding quality. But the corresponding quality of beauty has its origination in you, and not out there.

"The difference in understanding this, is that when you see something now, you want to get what you see, instead of understanding that what needs to be developed is the nature of the see-er. Because what you seek already exists inside of you. It does not exist outside of you.

"Everything outside of you, from the resplendent day to the perfect relationship that you've imagined (or maybe that you've even found), is merely a reflection of a quality that is timeless, presented to you in passing time to remind you where it is that you are supposed to look.

"Until you understand that what you see, at any time, is yourself, you will never find anything other than that which thwarts your true wish to know what love is! Nothing else can happen to you.

"That first hint of another order of being - and equivalent seeing - is what happens gradually as a human being starts to understand that when I look out and see something, whatever it is I see is a reflection of me. And to hate what I see, to be afraid of what I see, to reject what I see (in any way whatsoever), is essentially to reject my own consciousness.

"Just stop for a moment and think how absolutely different it would be if at any given moment (no matter what is taking place), you understood that 'What I am looking at right now is a reflection of myself, not a reflection of the idiot that just made me feel the way I do. My wish to get away from that person has nothing whatsoever to do with that person alone. That person is showing me something in myself that doesn't want to know itself.' And love wants to know itself. Love wants to know itself. It's how it grows, in a manner of speaking."

Excerpted From: The Living Keys to Unconditional Love, Guy Finley's 1-hour seminar - Buy Now

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