The Meditative Life

Modern physicists now confirm what the Wise Ones have always known: we live in many worlds at once. And yet, for most of us, our awareness is limited only to that world that we can touch with our senses. But we are not meant to dwell in a single dimension of time and space, any more than an eagle is created to fly while holding one of its talons to the ground...

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The Meditative Life
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Modern physicists now confirm what the Wise Ones have always known: we live in many worlds at once. And yet, for most of us, our awareness is limited only to that world that we can touch with our senses. But we are not meant to dwell in a single dimension of time and space, any more than an eagle is created to fly while holding one of its talons to the ground.

The Meditative Life offers so much more than just pleasing descriptions of the many, silent, sentient worlds within us; it provides all that we need to know to enter into these invisible realms, and to develop a conscious relationship with them on a moment to moment basis.

This extraordinary audio album is packed with perception-altering principles and gentle practices to help us realize the beauty and power of a meditative life. Enjoy 11 insight-filled talks that give you the true inside story about real meditation.

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Talk 1: The First Step to Being Still

  • Feeling sorry for yourself is like slipping off a boat at sea and, just as you're falling into the waters, grabbing the anchor to take with you so as to have something you can cling to in your time of trouble!

Talk 2: The Quiet Beauty of Being Inwardly Balanced

  • When, before our inner eyes, we always have someplace better to be, or that feeling we must make something more of ourselves, we miss seeing two great truths: First, all imagined destinations are dreams whose promised fulfillment fades the nearer we draw to them... and secondly, that where and who we are in each moment is a field of possibilities whose riches are not only immediate, but everlasting.

Talk 3: Release Yourself from the River of Dark Dreams

  • Whenever we can remember that we would rather smile about what life brings us than suffer over it -- that our natural preference is happiness, not hurtfulness -- then in such moments of being mindful of what we love most... can't we also strive to remember how much better it is, for everyone, to brighten the life of another rather than to darken it in our forgetfulness?

Talk 4: Stillness: The Sum of Meditation

  • If we would only dare to slow down long enough to examine why we run life's race at the pace that we do -- which is to win for ourselves all that we can, as fast as possible, with the least amount of pain -- then we would have the bittersweet but self-liberating shock of seeing that most of the very reasons we have for living are the same ones that are killing us.

Talk 5: Being Present to Pure Presence

  • If only some great law required those who are ever speaking critically about the work of others to assume a portion of that same work -- in order to make it better -- then the world would know a sweet new order of silence, and those who ""do"" in life would no longer have to bear the bitter sound of those who won't.

Talk 6: Find Freedom in the Field of the Present Moment

  • How strange it is that we resent carrying on our backs the pointed opinion of others, when it is we who give this barbed thought its power to trouble us. Think not? Then let us ask: what possible suffering can there be in what another thinks of me, unless I am holding the same thought as he?

Talk 7: The Unassailable Kingdom of a Quiet Mind

  • Sooner put out a fire with jet fuel than gain the upper hand on some anxious state by throwing more agitated thoughts into its turmoil.

Talk 8: Find the Feeling of Now

  • The desire for greatness is not the same as the love of it -- for such a want causes us to compare ourselves with what is great in others, and from the seed of this secret contest springs conflict. But love of greatness embraces the Goodness from which it springs -- and such a love is never conflicted for having found a light that burns brighter than itself, any more than a spark in a fire contests the flame from which it is thrown.

Talk 9: Letting Love Lead You to Silence

  • Whenever unhappiness lingers on -- so much so that we start believing darkness has won the day -- we may find new strength to start life over in this bright truth: the only cause for our continuing sense of feeling so bound and restricted is that we have agreed -- without knowing it -- to live in a world smaller than is our potential to let go of whatever may be limiting us.

Talk 10: Enter the Secret Center of Yourself Beyond Thought

  • Here is a great spiritual truth: The only time we ever ""fail"" at anything in our lives is when we walk away from a challenge before we've allowed it to teach us its lessons.

Talk 11: Use This New Light to Enter the Meditative Life

  • It isn't hard, at times, to love others for what they are. Such relationships are on easy terms, and we receive what we give in a fair measure. But to love another for what they may yet be -- to give them the patience and kindness that lets them flower -- this is a different task altogether. For to love a person for what he or she may be -- costs us; and to pay this coin we must, ourselves, run in debt to who it is that we hope to be... an act that requires our payment in every moment, and with all those we meet.

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