Loving Is Being Loved
Loving Is Being Loved
  • Posted: May 14, 2007
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Key Lesson

Whatever we consent to embrace in life -- including unwanted events that may cause us to suffer -- adds to our lives a measure of love.


It is an extraordinary thing -- this engaging feeling that comes with simply remembering you -- even though I have no idea where you are. How is it possible to feel such an abiding tenderness for what I am unable to see? Let alone touch or possess? And yet!

On mornings like today with such soft winter sunlight gliding through the bared branches and the air so cool and undisturbed, I'm moved to embrace the thought that it is enough just to feel the way I do.

Actually, it occurs to me on days such as these that it is in the loving that one finds love.

With all things I can serve Thee,

In all things I can find Thee,

Through all things I can know Thee,

For all things I can love Thee.

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