Put Yourself Where Freedom Finds You
Put Yourself Where Freedom Finds You
  • Posted: November 17, 2014
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Key Lesson

The main thing that everyone seems to forget when it comes to trying to escape one's own fears and sorrow is that it's impossible to run away from yourself!


An inner place of safety exists. If we stand in that new position, no dark feelings can affect us. That position has always been there, waiting for us to find it. It is the place where the True Self resides. But we have mistakenly believed that only two options were open to us: to either stand and suffer, or run away and suffer, with our problems in constant pursuit. We always listened to the inner flock of sheep that bleated fearfully, "submit to the suffering," "find some way to deal with it," "hate whatever put you in pain."

As long as we continue to respond to the suffering in this way, believing in its inevitability, it is in control. However, a way out does exist. It is to stop thinking along those familiar lines so that a right spirit can come in and guide us to a new internal position. We begin by realizing, little by little, that our current position is intolerable. When we get tired of putting up with those intolerable conditions, we begin to look around for another answer. Then we can be led to a new position where we are safe from the stinging flies and stalking cougars of our own negative thoughts. When we stand between the soaring cliffs of self-knowledge and the desire to live above the pettiness of this world, the dark thoughts lose their power to touch us.

A critical step in bringing about this transfer to a new position is to develop a clear purpose for ourselves, for our position in life is very much intertwined with what we believe to be our purpose in life. When, like the foolish sheep, our only purpose is to eat, mingle, mate, or rule the herd, we position ourselves accordingly, and end up right in the middle of the battlefield. That foolish purpose invites the attacks that cause our suffering, and allows them to continue. When our new purpose is to live the higher life we were meant to enjoy, our attention rises above the frightened flock to the cliffs and the sky above. Our search in this new place is rewarded. A new, safe position is revealed to us. Here we can find a life free from suffering, as well as experience a new energy and purpose in our lives.

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