Refuse to Cooperate with Self-Limiting Thoughts
Refuse to Cooperate with Self-Limiting Thoughts
  • Posted: March 7, 2016
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Key Lesson

Better to reach and fail... than fail to reach and cling, unaware, to a nature that lives only to pull you down.


There are more parts of you that want to stay the same than there are ones interested in growing, or achieving new heights through effort. The truth is these inner-barriers are without real substance, and so must vanish the moment you pass through them.

This isn't to say you won't feel their punishing presence when you first dare to defy their threats. But, each time you'll psychologically walk up to -- and past -- these inner disturbances, you'll become increasingly aware that these task-resistant thoughts and feelings are just big fakes! Of course, you must prove this to yourself to know the powers that come with such a discovery, but here's a glimpse of what you'll learn each time you take that step you're sure you can't.

Those negative states that try to stop you from taking the next step of any chosen journey are just psychological special effects. These obstacles of psychic flash-and-smoke are generated by the mind to keep you from disturbing its established levels of comfort. But, special effects, regardless of the kind of "screen" upon which they're projected, have no reality outside of your temporary belief in their appearance.

Which brings us to a great spiritual truth: On the other side of the resistance is the flow. This means that each time you'll walk through some pocket of inner resistance, on its other side you'll find all the fresh energy and intelligence you'll need to go through and complete your appointed task.

All these years you've been taught to believe that before you can hope to succeed at something, you have to first feel as though you can. No! To succeed, you need only understand how failure is created, and then consciously refuse to cooperate with what has been defeating you from within.

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