Rise Above Runaway Reactions
Rise Above Runaway Reactions
  • Posted: April 29, 2013
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Key Lesson

Here's the real reason a "coward dies a thousand deaths." By law, any fear we refuse to face always returns... until we finally learn its essential lesson: resistance ensures repetition, so that whatever we try to go around will come back around again.


As events occur, we always assume that we know what they mean for us, and we immediately fall into what feels like the appropriate emotional reaction. That reaction further influences the way we view the following events, and in this way our initial response is "confirmed." We rarely question either our view of events or our response to them. In fact, if someone were to tell us that things were not as we took them to be, we would probably take that person as an enemy who cared nothing for us and who was, himself, a part of the threatening situation.

As we continue to be carried unconsciously from one automatic reaction to another, these conditioned responses grow more entrenched. With repetition, they come to feel more and more natural to us, and the likelihood that we will ever question them continues to diminish. Our behavior grows more deeply settled into these mechanical responses and the way we view events becomes increasingly rigid. As a result, we are taken further away from the spontaneous lives we were meant to enjoy.

But it is not necessary to continue being defeated by our own mechanical responses. We can learn to recognize a dark reaction, eager to take us on a bad ride, before we are carried away by it.

An event occurs. We're not sure how to react so we naturally look for help. We know that a right response is the same as a rescue. And it is. But before we know it, up pops a self that always comes complete with the appropriate thoughts and feelings to support why we should let it be in charge of the moment. In the past, we've always been so grateful for the arrival of that response that told us who we were and what to do that we never questioned it. But now we want to be self-ruling rather than get carried of by one reaction after another to nowhere.

Before we release ourselves into the hands of any automatically appearing rescuing agent, we must first take it into the light in order to see who sent it. The higher power to choose what will carry us and what won't is only as powerful as our willingness to come to a special kind of psychic pause, an inner halt. Momentarily anchoring ourselves in the fully present moment, we bring our own thoughts and feelings into the light of consciousness to see them for what they are. In that moment, it's not so much going with what "feels right" as it is basing your choice in seeing what is truly for you; in knowing without thinking about it that no negative state wants what is right for you.

This exercise of taking a psychic pause may sound as though it would be easy, but it takes practice and persistent effort. You see, it's very tempting to just let ourselves be carried away. In fact, there's nothing to it! Then the rest of our time is spent trying to straighten out the bad rides we've been on. All this not only steals our energy, but also keeps us from being someplace real.

So now, we're going to take that pause before we believe that any automatic response is the right one. We're going to just come wide-awake. This conscious choice transforms us from a person who is completely identified with the runaway state into a person who is aware of it. Through that awareness we jump off the wild ride and into the safety, sanity, and solid ground of the present moment.

When we see ourselves looking for a reaction and putting a light on it, we make an effort to determine the quality of the "help" that comes to get us by first choosing to help ourselves by stepping back from our own rush to be rescued. Standing apart in this way is the only way to see whether the arriving solution is, for us in that moment, true or false.

If we take that psychic pause that empowers, and in it allow Reality to show us that our real self cannot be hurt -- or betrayed -- then we are free!

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