Ten Keys for Gaining Greater Self Liberation
Ten Keys for Gaining Greater Self Liberation
  • Posted: August 25, 2008
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Key Lesson

We are deceived whenever we find ourselves feverishly thinking through "all the possibilities" stirred up by a fearful moment, because the only possibility any of these fearful thoughts hold is which one of them is about to make us its prisoner.


It is never the event or the condition that holds us captive, but it's the way we think toward it that creates our sense of captivity.

Help yourself to the keys of self liberation hidden in these next ten insights. Take the time you need to let each concentrated idea sink into your heart and mind.

The truths you are about to meet are actually alive. If you embrace their healing presence, their life becomes yours. This is a hint of what it means to know the Truth, and to then be set free by that Truth.

  1. Nothing in this world -- or any other -- can stop you from finding, and then knowing, freedom from the ties that bind.
  2. When it comes to changing the unhappy conditions you meet in life, remember that nothing about your life can change... until you do.
  3. Give yourself permission to long for a freedom so great that it includes the end of all painful longings.
  4. Whatever it may be that holds you captive is nothing compared to what wants to set you free.
  5. Freedom from the ties that bind begins with getting completely fed up with being all tied up.
  6. In any inwardly restrictive moment of anger, worry, or fear, always remember there's nothing outside of you tightening the ropes.
  7. A hundred times a day, notice how unfree you feel, and then feel free to drop that feeling.
  8. Nothing real has a hold on you, so become highly suspicious of those parts of yourself that are certain you must live with limitations.
  9. The next time you feel overwhelmed by some contrary condition, remember the only power that circumstance has over you is what you want from it.
  10. Your experience of this world is determined by how you think toward it, which is why, as you change the way you think toward yourself, you also change the world you live in.

Excerpted From: Freedom From the Ties That Bind, pages 17-18.

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