Ten Ways to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
Ten Ways to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
  • Posted: April 18, 2016
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Key Lesson

Any part of one's self that finds good reason to justify its pain is the source of that pain it justifies.


Here is a heart-healing, sadness-ending spiritual fact. Welcome the light it brings by being willing to see the truth hidden within it:

Regardless of how disappointing or painful it may have been, nothing real lives in your past that can grab you and make you its captive any more than a dark shadow has the power to keep you from walking into the sunlight.

Now, add to this fact the realization that there is never a good reason to go along with feeling bad about yourself, and you're on your way to living in a world without self-pity.

To help speed your journey, welcome the ten special insights that follow as your trusted guides to a life free of tears. The more you work inwardly to understand their wisdom, the freer you will find yourself of all dark, self-compromising states.

  • The only thing self-pity accomplishes is that it makes your life worse.

  • No matter how you look at it, not wanting some negative emotional state doesn't separate you from what is unwanted; it binds you to it!

  • Being wrapped up in self-pity completely spoils any chance of being able to see new possibilities as they appear; besides, no one likes sour milk.

  • The only thing that grows from cultivating any dark seed of sorrow is more bitter fruit.

  • Manipulating others to feel sorry for you is like an alcoholic asking for a gift certificate to a liquor store.

  • Self-pity is the campsite of self-defeat; it is a dark refuge for those parts of us that would rather wallow in what cannot be than dare to explore what is possible.

  • Feeling sorry for yourself is a slow-acting poison; it first corrupts and then consumes the heart, choking it with dark, useless emotions.

  • You cannot separate the reasons you have for feeling sorry for yourself from the sorry way you feel.

  • The heart watered by tears of self-pity soon turns to stone; it is incapable of compassion.

  • Agreeing to live with sad regrets only ensures they'll still be with you tomorrow.

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