The Power to Help You Choose
The Power to Help You Choose
  • Posted: July 21, 2014
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Key Lesson

There are times when the truest choice is not based upon what you're feeling, but rather from what you are willing to see is true about your feelings.


We habitually react to any form of psychological pain that pops into our awareness by looking for the reason it appeared in the first place. But as we are about to discover, our usual behavior here is all a part of our unconscious suffering. Here's why: we are convinced that if we wish to escape our painful state we must somehow find a way to resolve it. This seems to leave us no choice other than to revisit again and again the same unhappy images that gave rise to our pain in the first place! Talk about a vicious circle! This is not unlike getting frightened by a scary scene in a horror movie and then closing our eyes in the hope of escaping the fear we feel for what we have just seen. The more we resist this or any negative image, the more definitively it presses itself into our mind's eye.

But this pain -- along with those unconscious parts of ourselves that have always jumped to answer it -- is little more than an echo of a time long gone. As such, we can answer these recurring aches with the only response powerful enough to dissolve them completely. We meet them with our understanding that they no longer have the power to torment us as they have always done.

When we feel some kind of darkness coming over us, we must muster the courage to consciously doubt the reality of this condition, even though our feelings are powerfully trying to convince us that what we feel is true. And we can do this now. To help summarize this advanced lesson in letting go, here is a special short poem entitled: "Ten Words With the Power to Help You Walk Away From Useless Suffering."

The "feel" is real,
But the "why" is a lie!

Let this liberating insight into the secret nature of unhappy feelings find a welcome home in you. Dare to apply its wisdom to any moment when some negative state tries to brew up a storm in you, and watch how you can make even the most stubborn sufferings disappear.

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