To Touch the Timeless Truth
To Touch the Timeless Truth
  • Posted: November 7, 2004
  • 867 words
Key Lesson

Learning to reach out beyond ourselves -- to lay down the press of our own desires as a bridge so that another is afforded a way to move beyond a pain or problem otherwise impossible for him to cross over -- is how we come to know the Love that is the secret source of our own True Nature.


What does it mean to grow up? Do you remember the first time you knew you had to grow up? Wasn't it something like, "If you want that fifty-cent allowance, you have to take the trash out once a week!"

Or do you remember that terrible death knoll that rolled right through you when the teacher said that dreaded word, "Homework!" Homework! "Oh, no! You mean I can't watch Superman? No more Wonder Woman?"


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