Use This Light to Help You Make a New Beginning in Life
Use This Light to Help You Make a New Beginning in Life
  • Posted: October 8, 2007
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Key Lesson

Any lingering shame over who or what you were in "days gone by" is like a newly opened rose blushing for having once been a bud.


Starting life over again is the key to a new you. Never mind all of those thoughts and feelings that may be telling you this is impossible -- those inner whisperings that either deny the need for this self-newness or that scoff at its possibility. Brush them away with the following helpful insight: self-defeat in the past does not prove that self-victory doesn't exist. Defeat of any kind in life shows only that you have approached the challenge incorrectly. The only thing a thousand failed attempts to start your life over prove is that you just started in the wrong place a thousand times.

The fact is, a new life does exist. You need only to start looking in the right place. If you are standing over a buried treasure, all you have to do is dig until you find it. If you aren't in the right place, it doesn't matter how hard or how deep you dig, you will come up with nothing except your conviction that there is no treasure. This is where truth teachings become so valuable for us. Their unwavering insight into our current level of understanding does two things at once for us, provided we are willing. First, by their light we start to see how we have been trying to succeed with methods that must fail, like calling on anxious thoughts to help calm fearful emotions. Second, at the same moment of realizing how we have been misled, we are released -- without effort -- from that unconscious relationship. We can be fooled no more, which means we are that much nearer to making a true new beginning in our lives.

Excerpted From: The Secret of Letting Go, pages 143-144.

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