Your New Authority Over Whatever Hurts You
Your New Authority Over Whatever Hurts You
  • Posted: October 15, 2012
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Key Lesson

Nothing in the universe can make you relive some painful moment from your past as long as you choose to live from the higher understanding that no old dark thought has the power to define you, let alone drag you down.


Wishing to be free from the dark states that steal our happiness, without taking action toward our intention, is meaningless; we must employ the truths we uncover, or we will never realize the possibility of their true power, which is to help us walk away from what has been wrecking us. But with this new understanding in mind we must also realize that the truth that sets us free is not for hire; it does not so much "work" for us as it is our silent partner, producing the new life we long for. This means several things.

First, we must be receptive to truth's instruction in the Now; only conscious awareness of our aching can lead us to what authentically answers it, ending it. But secondly we must, ourselves, be true in the same moment to what we know is the truth of that moment. For instance, once we see that giving our consent to relive any regret is nothing but walking into a dark cave -- cleverly concealed by a sign that reads: "Enter here to escape your past," -- then we no longer stand before this tunnel of thoughts wondering if this time reliving a torment will give us a new result! It won't; it hasn't; it can't, and somewhere from within us we know this to be true. So now we must do the truth we know. We must refuse, no matter what the seeming cost in the moment, to take part in any conversation with those parts of us that have proven themselves, time and time again, to compromise us.

If you want to know how to answer any ache you feel, here's the real answer: We need never answer any part of ourselves that wants to punish us, intimidate, or otherwise drag us down. Our power to dismiss these tormenting thoughts and feelings comes to us in proportion to our awakening understanding that we do not work for them. Therefore, we owe them nothing -- not one consideration, not even the wish that they would leave us alone!

Our refusal to answer to these dark, discouraging, self-wrecking states leaves them with no one to try to push around. And without someone to bully about or otherwise drag down into their conflicted world, they have no world to rule over! Our awakened consciousness reclaims our right to be self-ruling because its power knocks all would-be dictators from their throne.

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