A Spiritual Declaration of Independence
  • Posted: Monday, July 07, 2003
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A Spiritual Declaration of Independence
A Spiritual Declaration of Independence

These five special insights present the case for -- as well as the cost of -- true Spiritual Independence. Welcome them into your mind and watch how their secret instructions lead you to the unconditional freedom that your heart longs for.

To weigh the value of what this world can reward you with -- you need only to remove the scales from your eyes; for were you willing to measure how many times you have fallen victim to a world that promises you victory, then you would know just how hollow is the hope of finding treasure in a trash basket.

If common social convention -- with all is contrivance and hypocrisy -- has one redeeming value, it is this: The happy day may come when we realize that our lives have been spent dining with devils, conversing with thieves, making plans with liars, and promises to people incapable of even a single act of integrity. This day of our awakening is the same as the delightful date of our departure from a bankrupt world filled with beggars dressed as kings and queens.

Billions give their lives away for a moment's pleasure, for the promise of approval, or in the hope of acquiring some power by which to make their world a prettier place in the face of all the ugliness that these same pursuits create. The few and the true also give their lives away, but only in acts of quiet selflessness that naturally follow in the footsteps of the one who follows the Upward Path.

For those with "ears to hear" there is but one question and one answer: Will we wait patiently for a single moment of relationship with what is Eternal and Real, wherein for the touch of something Timeless all the moments of our life are forever changed, or do we waste the few moments of our life chasing the pleasure of an imagined time to come that forever recedes from our grasp in the same instant that we reach for it?

No one can say "No" to this world who is afraid to walk through it alone. The unseen cost of this baseless fear is not to just keep the company of cowards, but to lose one's possibility of ever coming to know the company of the Divine.

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