Remember This Key to Self-Command
Remember This Key to Self-Command
  • Posted: December 19, 2011
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Key Lesson

Each moment is unique; never to come again... and this includes all of our relationships as they're revealed through the celestial conditions that converge to create them. This is why our one real wish should be -- as best we're able to remember it -- to never rush through any moment of life; otherwise we lose the always new and higher possibilities inherent in its very appearance.


Whenever we're anxious or rushing around, we are not in command of ourselves; seen clearly, it's evident that something within us has taken charge of our life and is telling us that if we can just get here or do this, then we'll be free. So we give ourselves, willingly, to this inner taskmaster whose hardened hands push us -- over and over again -- to rush, rush, rush. Why? Because then we'll move past this feeling of not having control of our lives and we'll come, at last, to the peace we're after. No! Any thought of a peace or contentment "to come" is coming to you from a part of you whose secret pleasure is your continuing unrest and discontent.

The key to regaining command of yourself in any moment you start to feel as though you're in a rush is to remember that who you are and what you are is made to be changing and transforming the moment you are in. We can't have one thing more than what we are in this present moment. What God gave us, what He made us to be -- and made it possible for us to partake in -- is now or never, and it has nothing to do with a place or time to which we can rush. When you see that, don't you regain self-command?

If we can understand the truth that everything that it's possible for us to be -- all that is right, true, bright, and good -- lives inside of us and is always working, always present, then when something says we must be someplace else in order to get something, we can look at that idea and dismiss it! Then we have real command of ourselves because we have the backing of Reality itself. We have the backing of the Truth itself, of understanding the truth of ourselves.

When you start to become anxious or feel the urge to rush, keep an intention in that moment to remember for yourself what you know to be true: There is never a need to rush anywhere, for all that you can hope to be already lives inside of you. When you remember what is true, and you act on it in this way, you will find that what you are given is an irreplaceable, timeless form of confidence and command.

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