Stop Being Tricked into Serving Dark States
Stop Being Tricked into Serving Dark States
  • Posted: December 7, 2009
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Key Lesson

The only way to discover that you have never been in danger, never been trapped by an unwanted circumstance, is to realize that who you really are cannot be confined by any dark condition anymore than you can stop a rushing river long enough to see your reflection in it.


When we are dominated by any negativity, be it some consuming fear or heated anger, we may think we are in command of ourselves as we rush to judgment or lash out at the world, but a simple question reveals another reality. Who, in his or her right mind, purposely sets themselves on fire? The answer is obvious. No one deliberately defeats one's own best self-interests. This much we all realize as being true. But what we don't understand, yet, is how we are getting tricked into serving these dark states.

Dark inner states win the day from us before we even know there has been a contest for control of our lives! How can we hope for self-victory when we have been tricked into surrendering ourselves before an actual engagement has occurred? And in case you're thinking this isn't true, please consider how we invariably submit to these negative states in one of two ways: First, we either fear their power and try to escape their wrath by hiding from them, or sometimes we just simply deny that they exist. Or, second, and no less counter-productive in the long run, we embrace the "guidance" these destructive thoughts and feelings offer us as to how we can escape their punishment by following out their rescue plans -- an act not too dissimilar from asking the proverbial fox to guard the chicken coop!

In either case, what should be clear is that dark inner states win their victory over us because we believe in them. More to the point, we believe in the illusions they create within us without seeing that these same mistaken beliefs then shape the structure of our reality.

No one is saying that our various dark inner states aren't real, and those who claim otherwise deceive themselves and whomever they try to guide. Such darkness is a reality, including the shadowy creatures dwelling within it. But the key to understand here is that this reality called darkness is itself but an effect of a far and away Greater Reality: the Light.

Here is the missing understanding for which we have been searching all along. Darkness, in whatever form we experience it -- from a simple black, starless night, to a depressed thought or feeling -- only exists in the absence of light. And the more clearly we can see the truth of this principle, regardless of the world in which it's expressed, the greater our potential to realize its power.

The true solution for bringing an end to unconscious suffering now rests in our hands. The power needed to release ourselves from our unhappy moments is in the light of our new understanding as to how dark states keep us in the dark. In other words, to know the truth of them is our triumph over them. Now we must take these truths into action.

In summary, you'll find below a short list of seven special lights. Learning to call upon the new understanding they contain and reveal is all the help you need to dismiss any dark inner states:

-- No negative state has the right to reside within you, and can only dwell therein if it tricks you into lending it a dark room in which to stay.

-- The Light is all the might you need to successfully turn away any dark inner visitor.

-- Your true wish to understand a negative state initiates the entrance of that specialized Light you need to make this same wish come true.

-- We suffer what we do, as we do, only through our unconscious consent, so the first step in freeing ourselves from unseen sorrow is to deliberately bring ourselves into conscious awareness of its dark presence within us.

-- Never accept the presence of any suffering state for the reasons it provides.

-- It is possible to understand any negative state out of existence!

-- Your created nature is a blend of shadows and the light that creates them, but your True Nature, your original essence, is a Light that has no shadow.

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