Letting Go of Attachments to Disappointment and Heartache
Letting Go of Attachments to Disappointment and Heartache
  • Posted: December 3, 2007
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Key Lesson

No feeling of defeat has legs to stand on until it calls upon regret and discouragement to support its weight.


Once we start to see, to know in our innermost heart, that life itself is already complete, we can let go of whatever -- or whoever -- would have us believe otherwise. Old attachments and their long-standing aches are now seen for being what they have always been: appendages of days gone by, worthless to the Higher Self we have agreed to become and by whose stillness we realize this need for a wholly new valuation of our own soul. Now is the season to die to discontent, to withdraw our consent to live with any thoughts or feelings that would convince us it's necessary to live in conflict or confusion.

During the dark days of winter, we should take time each day -- as often as possible -- to quietly return to the living Light that dwells in the center of ourselves. By gathering our attention in this way, and bringing the whole of ourselves into the heart of this interior stillness, we not only collect our own forces, as nature herself is doing, but much more: in this deliberate act of gathering ourselves -- and for the conscious sense of quiet contentment we find within it -- we are also being released from the false idea that the source of our strength and security can be found somewhere outside us.

The following two key lessons are taken from 365 Days to Let Go. Use their insight to start seeing the powerful new possibilities that appear all by themselves once we gain this one great realization: The only thing served by reliving any defeat is the self that loves the familiar feeling of frustration and regret that comes with it.

Just as it is impossible for a ship to drop anchor and then leave port while still being chained to the bottom of the sea, so is it impossible for us to cling to our regrets in life and be able to move on from there at the same time. (February 26)

Things go wrong in life. They just do. And sometimes downturns feel like they'll never get back to right-side up. Life is like that. So what! What we have been given is not what makes us who we are: the true measure of our soul's success is what we make with what we are given. (January 10)

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