The Secret of Letting Go

If you've ever longed to have more, to experience more, to BE MORE -- then this is your chance! Discover the keys to a bigger, better, and brighter life in The Secret of Letting Go. This completely new and refreshed version of Guy's original international bestseller has been thoroughly rewritten and features 70 pages of inspiring new material...

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The Secret of Letting Go
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If you've ever longed to have more, to experience more, to BE MORE -- then this is your chance!

Discover the keys to a bigger, better, and brighter life in The Secret of Letting Go. This completely new and refreshed version of Guy's original international bestseller has been thoroughly rewritten and features 70 pages of inspiring new material, including:

  • Life changing insights and heartwarming short stories designed to effortlessly illuminate your mind and heart.

  • Special practical spiritual exercises to help awaken you to ever greater feelings of Peace and Beauty.

  • The encouragement you need to start living and loving fearlessly.

  • Valuable tools to help heal your deepest wounds and release old regrets.

  • Proof that you're created to succeed in this life beyond anything you can imagine.

Now is the time to let The Secret of Letting Go help you to look within to find new answers... solutions that will show you how to remove self-limiting thoughts and feelings that taint your happiness and keep you from the life you truly desire!

FREE 60-Min DVD or MP3

The 3 Keys to Complete Self-Command

Conscious self-command is your natural right! With it, all things work in your favor; without it, freedom is impossible.

In this powerful seminar you will discover how to:

  • Enter into any challenging situation with supreme confidence
  • End the painful stress of comparing yourself to others
  • Dismiss any negative thought or emotion
  • Face uncertainty without fear of any kind
  • Take conscious command of unkind and difficult people
  • Use every condition to increase higher self-understanding
  • Enrich all of your relationships at home and where you work
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Chapter 1: Let Go and Grow Happy

  • This Isn't Letting Go
  • The Greatest Secret on Earth
  • Be Stronger Than Anything That Frightens You
  • The Sure Way to Raise Your Life-Level
  • Go Ahead and Let Go of Yourself
  • The Secret of Effortless Happiness
  • Ten Steps to Take to the Truly New Life

Chapter 2: Your True Nature Is High

  • Choose in Favor of Your True Self
  • You Are Not Who You Think You Are
  • A Case of Mistaken Identity
  • The Strange Non-Life of the False Self
  • Start Seeing Through the Blame Game
  • For True Self-Command, Just Stop, Look, and Listen
  • Let Go and Realize Real Rescue
  • Two Worlds, Two Natures, Two Selves

Chapter 3: How to Defeat What's Defeating You

  • Snap Yourself Out of Psychic Slumber
  • How to Break Free of Unhappy Thoughts and Feelings
  • Five Great Illusions Keeping Your from Letting Go
  • Give Your Life Story a Happy Ending
  • Higher Awareness Through Self-Observation
  • Inner Work Rewards the Inner You
  • Self-Correction Is Self-Elevation
  • The Power That Defeats Defeat
  • Questions for Self-Wholeness
  • Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat
  • Know the Pleasure of Your True Nature

Chapter 4: Lift Yourself into a Brand-New World

  • Your Secret Power of Self-Disconnect
  • Seven Ways to Increase Your Spiritual Strength
  • How to Let Go of Helpless Feelings
  • A Technique That Makes Fear Fade
  • Let Go of Loneliness and Discontentment
  • A Secret Strength Greater Than Any Sorrow
  • How to Change the Life You're Giving Yourself
  • Five Exciting New Answers, Actions, and Results
  • The Secret of Permanent Pleasure

Chapter 5: Letting Go into the Power Flow

  • The Sure Cure for Whatever Disturbs You
  • Let Go of the Fear of Being No One
  • How to Let Your Worries Roll By
  • Never Feel Trapped by Life Again
  • The Best-Kept Secret in the World
  • Don't Miss This Life-Changing Moment
  • The Secret of Having Everything You Want

Chapter 6: Break Through to a Totally New You

  • Let Higher Facts Free You From a Painful Past
  • You Are So Much More Than You Can Think
  • Drop Angry and Anxious Feelings Instantly
  • Giving Yourself Up Is Lifting Yourself Up
  • How to Live Life on Your Own Terms
  • Special Study Section for Lasting Self-Possession
  • Six Responses to Free You from False Relationships
  • Ask Yourself This Question and Escape to Freedom
  • Step Up and Away from Punishing Feelings
  • Make It All the Way Home to Your True Self

Chapter 7: Let Go and Let Higher Life Forces Succeed for You

  • Crash Through These Self-Confining Thoughts
  • Let the World Inside of You Go By
  • The Higher Instruction Will Take You Beyond Yourself
  • A Special Summary to Help Shatter Self-Limitation
  • Detect and Reject Psychic Intruders
  • The Return of the Absent Nobleman
  • How to Distinguish Invited Guests from Unwanted Intruders
  • Experience the Miracle of Self-Completion
  • The Way Out Is Safe
  • Assurances for Travelers on the Way
  • The Ten Traits of the True Spiritual Warrior

Chapter 8: Dare to Let Go and Live as You Please

  • Your Ultimate Victory over Harmful Inner Voices
  • Clear This Obstacle and Climb to True Independence
  • Start Soaring above Yourself
  • Higher Hints for Taking Charge of Yourself
  • Let Go of These Secret Life-Draining Demands
  • Freedom to Answer the World the Way You Want
  • Walk Lightly Through Life
  • Keys for Living Lightly

Chapter 9: Contact with the Secret Self

  • You Can Reach Whatever You Are Willing to Receive
  • Hearing the Song of the Secret Self
  • The Kingdom of the Secret Self
  • This Brand-New Action Leads to the Wonderful Way
  • The Bill of Lights
  • Follow These Fifty Secrets All the Way Home

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