Invite the Light that Shatters Self-Limitation
Invite the Light that Shatters Self-Limitation
  • Posted: December 17, 2006
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Key Lesson

We are not created to spend our lives in fearful preparation over what may come -- but rather to use whatever comes our way, each moment, to help us perfect our understanding that God is good.


When we meet a moment before us that challenges us in some way, we are not meeting some immovable, transient object. In reality, we are meeting nothing more than our understanding of the event. Wherever we are, whatever we're going through, we meet our own understanding.

The dimension -- the breadth of any event transpiring before us -- is actually a reflection of the level of self that sees it. This moment is as deep, as wise, as profound as our own understanding. We are actually looking into a kind of special mirror that feeds back to us the boundaries determined by the understanding of the self standing there.

When this present level of self sees a limit of any kind, all it is seeing is itself. It cannot see past it. Which means that the self that sees the limit and the limit it sees are one thing. The limit is, "I've run into my understanding." So what I'm looking at is what I'm saying is "the end," but the self that sees it as the end is itself having reached the end of itself.

Everything in a person's life hinges upon this moment. Our lives are nothing but a series of invitations, a series of moments in which we run into what we don't know. If life didn't come along and hand us a moment in which we had no idea who we were going to be on the other side of that moment, we would never for a minute think to ourselves, "Hm. I wonder if there is anything more than this?"

Life is always stirring and producing moments in which we are asked, in essence, to be more than we are. In its constant movement and seeking, life brings moments that the self knows nothing about, and in this experience of our own limitations, something good and natural takes place. Not understanding is actually a seed state. But when we see clearly that we don't know what to do, or that we don't understand something, what usually happens next? Something comes up inside of us, and it begins to get negative towards the unknown. It starts to deny the moment by saying, "No. I don't want this. I don't want to not know. I don't want to be involved in any relationship that I'm not in complete control of."

Life brings us moments where we run into the boundary of our present self made up of the content of ourselves. At that moment, in this natural state, something unnatural occurs. Thought comes in and it grabs our attention. This thought nature, this content of ourselves is not interested in the end of itself. It is not interested in going past anything. It wants everything to confirm it. So it looks at this moment where it doesn't understand, where it meets limitation, and in that split second it says, "Oh no, no! This is terrible."

In that moment, because the self becomes a negative "I," now that negative "I" sees a negative event. What was a neutral, perfectly planned event for the purpose of us prospering spiritually -- for developing and transcending ourselves -- now is in the hands of a negative self, a very dense self.

Haven't you ever noticed that the more negative you get, the more impossible things are? The impossibility that we see when we're negative is the density of the self standing there looking. They are one thing even though they appear to be more than one thing.

It is a very natural moment when life says to you, "Would you like to live in a larger world? Would you like to have less fear? Would you like to be less hateful? Would you like to be more kind? Would you like to have more peace?" Life brings us moments that actually show us a limitation, a point at which we, as we have been, cannot go on. If we will let this moment stand without bringing in negativity (by resisting or hating it) -- if we will just simply see this moment without trying to free ourselves from it according to our ideas of what freedom is -- then it will do something for us that we cannot do for ourselves.

In that moment there is the possibility of what we are on this earth to go through: first to look at these moments where we feel limited, troubled, and we run into what we think is the end of our understanding or our ability, and then begin to realize that the very moment that boundary appears to us, we have just received an invitation.

We actually have a message from a part of Higher Consciousness that says, "Come, I want to walk you into a larger life. I want to walk you past this pain. I want to show you a world that you don't know because you're identified with these thoughts. You are captured, trying to escape limitations that don't belong to you." We can see this, and when that happens, it is just like receiving an invitation.

Do you know that when the King sends an invitation for you to transcend yourself, he always sends transportation? The Living Light says, "Look, here's this moment. Now you can do something with it you've never done before, and if you'll do that, I promise I'll give you a way." We learn to ride the Light, just as in the esoteric story of Cinderella where the horses turned into footmen that served Cinderella on the journey to the marriage. The Light changed things, and turned the relationship.

One day you'll feel the passage of Life move through you. It will awaken the realization that there is a part of you that has come as far as it can go, that there is no understanding for you, as you are, past that moment. But in that moment, instead of resisting that which shows you the truth of your present nature, you will come wide awake, and you will feel that you have reached the end of yourself. In that moment, you ride the Light. You let it go. You bring the whole of that moment into this awareness. You come wide awake.

The whole of the condition is not what you're blaming for the way you feel. The whole of the condition is your understanding that what you are blaming as being a limitation is connected to the self you are, to your own understanding, and you give it up. You surrender your own understanding because you realize that a greater understanding has brought you to the place that has invited you to do that.

Instead of transcending so-called transforming moments, you agree to let the Light transform the self that is always creating those moments. You know it happens, not as an experience, but as the living movement of the new energy that comes when something new is born, when a new creation is formed in you because you've participated in the actual movement of life that you're intended to be a part of.

Instead of hoping that things don't happen, you stand in every moment awake, aware, watchful, waiting for those instances where you get a chance to see the boundary line that has appeared between the known and the unknown. You bring the Light into the density of that line, which is secretly what the self understands, and the Light dissolves the density of that self. The line disappears, and you stand on the other side of it.

You go through that process again and again until one glorious day -- and may God wish it for all of us -- the person who has been willing to proceed up that path reaches the point where he actually sees the whole of the movement of that process so thoroughly that the distinction ceases to exist between known and unknown. That person walks through this life -- living moment to moment, dying moment to moment -- being reborn in the actual course of creation. That is freedom.

Freedom is not overcoming what you think stands in your way. It is understanding that what is in your way is part of the way. Then nothing is against you. God has made it so that everything is for you if you will do the work to understand this.

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