Four Insights That Make Old Fears Fade and Finally Disappear From View
Four Insights That Make Old Fears Fade and Finally Disappear From View
  • Posted: August 15, 2016
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Key Lesson

No unwanted moment exists greater than our right to walk past the dark, or otherwise fearful parts of us responsible for that painful perception... as long as we're willing to meet, face to face, the lower level of self that fears change, and then work to use its fear to die to it.


The following key lessons are taken from 365 Days to Let Go. Use their insights to awaken the higher understanding that allows you to walk past the level of self that gives rise to your fear.

We cannot change what life brings to our door until we learn to change the way in which we answer it! (March 28)

We make first contact with the unshakable character of our True Self when we stand on the unknown ground of an unwanted moment and see there is no need to fear or to fall into despair. (March 30)

The reason perfect love casts out fear is because any unwanted condition willingly embraced loses its power over us. We are never captive to what we agree to, nor do we wish for a time to come when we will be free. Only when we are no longer driven to imagine a freedom apart from what the moment holds for us, will we find that we are free now. (July 3)

As we awaken to see and receive the inherent good of life that has been hidden in plain sight, so we realize the power to release our fear of unwanted events as surely as perfectly ripened apples fall away from their autumnal tree. (November 29)

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