Step Down as Judge
Step Down as Judge
  • Posted: August 7, 2017
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Key Lesson

The less that you try to "teach" others about their shortcomings, the more insights you will gain into your own.


The easiest thing in the world is to walk around unconsciously feeling superior to everyone you meet. But with what do you measure? A critical spirit? A judgmental mind? What kind of eyes have to look down on another to convince themselves of up?

The degree to which we judge others, and would make them pay for their shortcomings, is inseparable from the false belief that our nature is somehow different, superior to those seen through the eyes of our disdain.

In truth -- save for a few who, by grace, have paid to be spared from the ravages of general laws -- it isn't the presumption of (our) character that differentiates us from those we see and pronounce as being inferior to us; rather, it is but a temporary difference in life's circumstances that creates the pervasive, punishing illusion that some of us are greater than the others.

Your awareness of the power of the present moment can transform such challenging life moments into a new and true beginning for you. Learning how to use these moments in which you recognize your tendency to judge others leads to real inner change. Now is always the time to step down as judge.

This article is adapted from "Freedom From the Ties That Bind" (page 163) and Guy Finley's Blog on his Online Wisdom School,

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