Get Unstuck: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Real Change: Here's the Key to Making Big Changes in Your Life - Starting Today!

Are you beginning to lose hope that you'll ever see any real change in your life? That you'll ever know a lasting difference? How many times have you made resolutions, plans, affirmations - thinking this time you've got it; now you have the right combination to blast you out of the rut? It's something we all say. ""This time it's going to be different..."" We'll be nicer to people. We'll...

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Get Unstuck: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Real Change: Here's the Key to Making Big Changes in Your Life - Starting Today!
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Are you beginning to lose hope that you'll ever see any real change in your life? That you'll ever know a lasting difference?

How many times have you made resolutions, plans, affirmations - thinking this time you've got it; now you have the right combination to blast you out of the rut?

It's something we all say. "This time it's going to be different..."

We'll be nicer to people. We'll exercise. We'll eat right and slim down. We won't be so lazy. We'll stop being such a wimp, and start speaking up for ourselves. We'll get down to business...and follow our passion!

So we read books, take courses, draw up to-do lists, join a gym (or a support group for exercise-phobic people!)... and maybe this works for a day, a week, even a month or two. But then, comes a challenge that's just too big for our resolve to weather.

Or we slowly begin to forget our former resolve. You know the drill...

Three months later we're back eating the same foods, wasting time, caving in, doing everything just like we did before.

What Do We Do When Even Our Best Intentions Aren't Enough?

It's even more frustrating when we've made a sincere effort and actually achieved what we set out to do. Maybe we get the degree, or the new career, or latch onto a new person in our life, thinking that this is surely the ticket to the confidence we've been missing. But even then, before we know it the same insecurities start creeping up on us. We start having the same problems, only with other people; it's as if nothing had ever changed.

But let's be clear: it isn't that there's anything wrong with getting an education, having a good job, earning money, falling in love, and making a contribution to society. These things are a natural part of our human experience; each has its own worth. But all such values are on one level of life, while the authentic change we're hoping to make in ourselves - that will finally bring us the contentment we long for - awaits us at a completely different level of life. And that's the point:

Unless a transformation occurs within us - at a deeper level - the outer achievements we may attain matter very little in the bigger scheme of things. We've all seen that truth: nothing essential can change in the way we feel about ourselves, or our life until we're able to make some essential, real change in ourselves.
So, what's going on here? We're sincere, intelligent people. Why can't we make a plan and follow through? Why don't our successes last? And the most important questions of all...

What does it take so that we really change? Where and how does it happen? Why is it that everything we try leads us back to the same place - and what should we be doing instead?

Stop Making These Two Critical Mistakes

There are important reasons why we don't change even in the face of our best efforts, and they are tied to two mistakes we make that sabotage us from the very beginning:

First, we think we know what real change is. But the evidence says otherwise. Sure, we may understand how to change our surface-level experiences, but we've yet to crack the code for making those deeper, permanent changes we all long for. That's why we always circle back around to the same discontent. The latest success always loses its luster. The new relationship too soon turns old, returning us to where we began our search: feeling incomplete.

Second, we think we have to change ourselves. We think there must be something we can do to remake ourselves. But there really isn't. After all, the limitations and frustrations that plague us are the result of the whole of what we are. Let's face it: we can't fix our own flaws anymore than a misfiring automobile engine can give itself a tune-up!

Clearly, to overcome both of these errors we need new information. We need to see ourselves in a new way. We need to develop new skills. We need to align ourselves with a greater understanding.

So, the first step to making real change is to stop believing in our own misguided efforts, and instead...

Learn how to attract the help of higher powers that will do it for us.

Fortunately, there's real help you can turn to because bestselling author Guy Finley covered this crucial topic in-depth when he presented Get Unstuck: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Real Change - a 60-minute audio program plus bonus 40-minute Q&A session. The explanations and practices it offers will help you overcome any negative, self-limiting state so that you can move past it and know real change.

Here Is Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Real Changes in Your Life

For more than 30 years Guy Finley has been guiding seekers along the path to a new life. In Get Unstuck: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Real Change he presents his clearest explanation yet of exactly what holds us back and the specific steps we can take to break through to a whole new level of life.

If you're tired of making the same mistakes again and again...

Of having the same problems with people that leave you feeling anxious, guilty, filled with regret...

Of having nothing to look forward to but a repeat of everything that's never worked for you in the past...

Then here is the Way Out!

In Get Unstuck: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Real Change you will learn the secrets of:

  • Finally undergoing a transformation that really lasts - not just for a week or two, but permanently
  • Why you don't have to change yourself, and what is the key to activating what will do it for you
  • The essence of a truly loving relationship, and what change within you will allow you to experience it for yourself
  • Why real self-change is not about improving yourself, but about something much deeper
  • How never to find yourself in a wrong situation again
  • How to stop repeating experiences you don't want
  • How to spot the subtle forms of self-sabotage that always resemble lifelines.
  • A special way to use any disheartening fact about yourself to shatter its hold over you.
  • The one essential fact that leads to a fearless life
  • How to use the revelation that is waiting just for you in any moment so that the you who exits the moment is not the same as the one who entered it

And last, but definitely not least...

  • 4 specific practical steps you can take to realize Divine love and know the authentic change that only it can bring

Questions and Answers That Illuminate the Path to Your New Life

Get Unstuck: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Real Change was a talk Guy presented in Los Angeles as part of his promotional tour for his most recent book, The Secret of Your Immortal Self. The audience was lively and diverse, and Guy allowed 40 minutes for a question-and-answer session that delved deep into the issues and problems people are most concerned about.

I would warrant that these are the same issues and questions you yourself face every day, and Guy's responses opened new vistas on effective solutions to these nagging questions. Disc Two of Get Unstuck: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Real Change presents this enlightening session - which I think you'll find to be as valuable as the talk itself.

So, what are these questions and answers that provide so much important insight? Here's a taste. I'm certain some - if not all - of these will strike a very deep chord within you:

  • A man describes how he was betrayed by a business partner and wonders what he can learn from this situation to stay safe in the future. Guy explains the real reasons why the betrayal happened and the inner changes the man must make if he is to use such events to awaken the part of himself that can never suffer a betrayal again. If you have ever been betrayed, and live in fear it will happen again, you must hear Guy's answer.

  • A woman asks what it means to endure. Guy's answer reveals deep secrets that will enable you to use every situation for your benefit so that you are transformed by it and come out of it new.

  • A man who is curious about Guy's personal journey wonders what caused him to leave behind a life of fame and fortune to wander the path to inner discovery. Guy is very forthcoming in discussing his early experiences and what drove him on to answer the call to infinite possibilities. (Guy even shares a lyric of one of his early songs that will give you a whole new view of what real love is all about.)

  • A woman asks a very simple question: What is the practice? Guy gives a very simple demonstration of double attention that is the heart of our inner work. You can use what he shares to deepen your own personal practice.

  • A man asks how he can feel more gratitude for his life. Guy explains that it's easy to feel gratitude when things are going well. But the key is to learn to feel gratitude when things are not going as we wish, because that is when we get the lessons that change our being. Then he goes deeply into how we can find the good in everything. This will open your eyes to the higher possibilities for your change offered by every moment, regardless of how it may first appear.

  • A woman asks about how she can be free of self-pity. Guy explains how we get caught up in this debilitating state, and gives a specific exercise to do that will enable you to use such states for self-transformation, instead of being used by them. Try it yourself and see what a difference it makes.

  • A man asks about how our level of consciousness attracts the events in our life, and wonders how to operate from a different level of self. Again, Guy gives a very practical exercise that has very high implications for genuine self-change. You can start putting it to use immediately.

  • A man asks Guy how he got to learn "all this stuff" he teaches, and again Guy gives a very personal answer that opens up into a specific practice that you can follow right away to start freeing yourself of the old, unloving nature and start living from your true nature.

  • Finally, a man asks a question we can all relate to: How can we get grounded so that we're not lost in thought? Guy's answer will make you see how you've been hurting yourself until now, and will show you how you can begin living the life of freedom you really want.

These are all real questions from real people. And Guy's openness toward each questioner and the candid quality of his answers is remarkable. You will see into the heart of a true master, and in doing so will discover secrets of your own heart. It's a full immersion into a higher realm that will change you just by your stepping into it.

Stop Hoping For a Changed Life. Start Getting One for Real!

Your wish for change is more than just a wish, it was built into the very fabric of your being.

You are meant to change. You are meant to move beyond limitation and stifling repetition as you transform into a more complete, more harmonious individual.

But just wishing for change isn't enough. A wish that never gets put into practice just becomes another empty habit that leads nowhere.

But a wish that comes with sincere intention and right action is filled with power and it brings to it the help needed for its fulfillment.

Guy Finley's Get Unstuck: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Real Change gives you instruction and encouragement to help you become your best self.

It's time to stop repeating and giving voice to the same old nature, hoping that some day you'll be different.

Be different now!

The specific steps for you to take are all described for you in Get Unstuck: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Real Change.

Let this moment be the beginning of your whole new life. Get the information that will make it all come true for you.

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